Next 8 games


It’s not even just as Arsenal thing to me. It’s a football thing. 8 straight wins isn’t a regular occurance for most teams, let alone in a tough league. Palace and Leicester aren’t mugs, they’re not the equivalent of Harlow Town! History/maths etc would suggest that we won’t be winning 8 games in a row. There is nothing wrong with thinking that, it’s not pessimism, it’s just the likely outcome.

And yeah, our defence… I reckon even Benteke will finally remember what scoring goals feels like.


We probably should get 18 or 19 points out of these series. But I can see Arsenal having problems against Newcastle, Watford and Palace.


A comfortable 24 pts


If we get 18 points out of the the next 8 matches I’ll be extremely pleased. If we get 24 out of the the next 8 matches then we would be in for the title. I don’t think we are at that stage atm and I don’t think people realize how tough the PL has gotten.


Wow you really had to go there didn’t you :pensive:


Thats the spirit…


One gone. Let’s keep it up!


Still going strong lol


2 out of 2! Keep it up :mustafi:


I find it incredible how we managed to get worse defensively. We really are one of a kind.


I’m not sure we are worse defensively but we certainly aren’t any better.


Tbf, I don’t know if you can be any worse defensively, at least as a supposedly top side.

Emery ain’t a defensive coach but he has to figure something out. Bring in a defensive trainer of some sort. Something. This will get uglier against better sides(like what happened with West Ham, City and Chelsea).

For starters though, start a fucking DM like Torreira.


It could happen when you try to change an outdated system.


I actually think we’ve gotten better from game to game.


I dont think our back four has stood up to anyone. Thats my biggest worry. The midfield has to be restructured with Lucas or theres going to be a few very bad results at some stage.




We’re going to struggle against the champions elect, Watford


We are gonna do it boys! Just believe!


I reckon we will win the 3 home games but drop points in one of the away London Derbies.


Not a bad start is is