Next 8 games


It’s a mathematical thing. I can see you will not get it.

At the end of that streak, we will see who is right and wrong. Maybe then we can judge who was talking realistically.


Arsenal are not a great team. This team is going to be having variations in performance and results, like it has been having the past 10 years, hence it wouldn’t be surpising at all if we lose points in two or three of these games.


There’s a lot going on in forming the team shape and style in that time. We could get injuries, miss chances or just have off days.

The tendancy from last season to get suckered into 1v1 situations away from home is very likely to continue.

We went into this season without a sufficient defensive core and questionable full backs. We are banking on Sokratis and Mustafi being excellent all-round to have a good season. It’s just too far fetched to go smoothly.

18 would be a pretty decent return for us in this phase. 20+ would be bloody excellent.


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19-21 points seems reasonable. While I think there are winnable games, we’re still fresh off the press as a team. There’s going to be a mix of absolute dominance and sheer dread with some of these fixtures. All appt in an Arsenal sense :wenger:


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16pts, and that’s being generous.


162 points and that’s being illogical…:vulcan_salute:


If we were able to get 19-21 points from this run I’d be pretty happy tbh, it would keep us in with a chance of challenging for the top 4 which is all we can hope for this season


Would be very disappointed with anything less than 19-21 points.


Given we have lost 8 of our last 9 league games or whatever it is, I wouldn’t call it pessimism to suggest we will only win 1 or 2 of these 4 away fixtures.


8 of them was Wenger.


We still look awful at the back, so I’m expecting us to still drop points against average sides away from home.


Lets just agree to disagree as we aren’t gonna come to an agreement here haha


to be fair, that performance at Stamford Bridge was a better one than 90% of lat seasons’, would you not say?


Yeah Offensively we looked a lot better against Chelsea than we did in every away game last season, I still thought at the back we look all at sea but as I’ve said numerous times I don’t know who from our back 5 would start at any of the other top 6.


If this was say 3 or 4 years ago, then I’d be tempted to think we could definately win nearly all those fixtures, but right now, we’re an absolute mess at the back and we’re in a very transitional period. Things are not settled down yet and I just can’t see how out of nowhere we’re going to pluck 8 wins in a row.

Infact, when did we last win 8 league games in a row?


oh yes for sure, I mean its not even much of an exaggeration to say only some of the relegation teams would take our back 5, and even then.

Leicester’s backups are better than our starters for example.