Next 8 games

It’s like he’s in the room


3 points out of 24. Expected better

Goal Difference is usually a good barometer of how good a club is, and ours is still -2 right now. Hope to see that improve, otherwise we don’t really deserve to be gunning for top 4.


I am curious to know our goal difference if we remove City, Chelsea and Liverpool games out of equation

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Gonna need fingers and toes for that one

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So out of 17 goals conceded by us, 11 were conceded in 3 games

So in 10 other games, our GD is 9 which is poor for a top club.


Basically our defence is sound vs non top 3, but we struggle to score freely irrespective of opponents.


Which is why we should get rid of Arteta at the end of the season.

There is no semblance of improvement against Man City or the Scouse Cunts

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I understand your point but honestly apart from Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham all the remaining teams don’t have a positive goal difference, with the first 3 specially having 20+. Hence I believe we are still doing fine for what our goal should be this season (top 4) dispite the negative goal difference.

Yeah, it mainly shows separation of the Top 3 (Chelsea, City, Liverpool) from the rest I think, but I was mainly looking forward to the next 8 games and saying a much better number, well into the positive, should be looked for once those games are done with.

(It is funny by the way that Palace and Brentford down in 11th and 12th positions have 0 GD, but it does probably come down to who has been faced already).

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Yeah absolutely, we need to be doing well against our direct rivals (Man City and West Ham) and destroying the team beneath us to be gunning for top 4 so that defeats against this year’s big 3 doesn’t affect us.

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