Next 8 games


I’ll say about 13-15 is probable


Actually one of the greatest moments of cinematic history this.


Time to get some revenge and some athletic heatdowns. But yeah, a shit defence is a shit defence and goals/points will be conceded.


I wouldn’t even be shocked if we dropped points against Cardiff. Set pieces are their bread and butter, that’s where a lot of their goals come from. And given our defence is pretty bad it wouldn’t surprise me if their CB got a hat-trick :see_no_evil:


I just want to enjoy a couple of away wins. Forgot what that tastes like.


All the teams we are gonna face in this run-in. Maybe only Fulham look quite good on the paper. I liked their style of play in the Championship last season.


Let’s just not play all our away games, then. Show some balls FFS!


Finally someone who thinks like me. It’s clearly rigged. How can a new manager get such a difficult start?


Sounds like your describing the England attack for a minute.


The time has come. Pressure is on. My faith in Unai is unshakeable. Oh dear lord may the force be with king Unai and his knights.

24 points we get
Ooh West Ham will never forget
Fight will bring us through
And all because of you
It gives me hope to see
That Guendouzi is qualitee
The fans are going wild
Ooh Unai im your child

LordBendtner 2018


I know we are a pessimistic lot, but I look at those fixtures and think we should really be getting 8 wins in a row and some serious momentum.

I’m hopeful we can get 20+ at least.


Nope, we are actually a realistic lot and if you honestly look at those fixture and think we should be getting 8 wins in a row then you are as detached from reality as a president of a global super power country the name of which is an acronym.


Realism is for the mainstream people. King Unai has shown the path to victory. Nothing can stand in the way of his success and road to total glory. All hail Unai !


The away games are all relegation fodder. I want to see improvement and we should be winning all those games on an individual basis - that was my point. What games do you look at and think we shouldn’t be winning?

The second half of your reply is smart. Very smart. You’re a smart guy. The smartest guy that ever did rule.


17 points

Won 5, Drew 2, Lost 1



Been on the Surstromming again? :wink:


I don’t how you say its realistic lol. We should be getting 20+ points from these fixtures.


First of all 20+ does not equal win all 8.

Second of all, based on what ground do you consider it our divine right to win against lesser opposition… in a streak of 8 games on top of that. Is it because the whole Arsenal community is in a total agreement that our whole backline is a complete shambles and we don’t have a single world class defender? Or maybe just class.
Do you lot realize the kind of harmony, team spirit and in form players required to win 8 on the trot?

You seem to be confusing the fact that we are a better and bigger club than our next 8 opponents with actually beating them all in the following few months. The fact that you want us to beat them all based on our historical rankings doesn’t translate into reality. And it won’t happen. That’s how I can call it realism.


We should beat these teams 90% of the time we play them. There’s nothing realism at you saying we won’t beat them. More pessimism