Next 8 games

I reckon we’ll comfortably beat both Brighton and Palace, but come unstuck against Villa.

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Bissouma and Buendia scoring for their respective clubs too. There will be tears.

Think it’s a tough ask to win all 3 of those games. All tough fixtures against fiercely determined sides on good form. We’re not at the level just yet to expect full points from them despite being capable.

Arteta would gladly take 5-7 points if offered now. If we win them all (i.e hitting 6 Ws in a row) the season is truly back on track.


Top 4 on paper is filled by City, Liverpool, Chelsea, United. We’re not expecting to break into Top 4 this season. 6 or 7 points out of 9 would be true to a PL 5th or 6th placed club, but no probs thinking maximum points are quite doable (if the team applies itself).

United away
Everton away
West Ham
Leeds away
Norwich away
Wolves home

That’s our 8 league fixtures up until the end of the year, need to be winning 6 of those games if we want to finish in the top 4 IMO.


24 points there in my opinion


I think we might manage 3 wins and 3 draws…So, just the 12 points…

Only Leeds and Southampton have managers that have been at their club longer and none of them have spent as much as Arteta has, at their respective clubs.

So this should be a run of undefeated games, with several convincing wins and loads of goals.

Let’s see what Arteta is really all about because there are no excuses for this not to happen.


Easily. I agree

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With the exception of United away (possible new manager bounce), we should be looking to take 3 points from everyone single one of those fixtures.

There’ll be some shit draws and losses in there I’m sure but a top 4 team is going to need 20+ points from that run because there’s still a lot of tough games to go. Chelsea and Spurs away. Add West Ham to that now as well. Then City, Liverpool and United home games.

Need to start being flat track bullies once more. The top 3 positions are going to be on lock so just one place in that top 4 is up for grabs.

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Can see 24 points minimum there.
I’ll accept a draw at OT.
West Ham game is also tricky but we should be slapping them at the carpet.

WHU just lost Ogbana for the season iirc. Could set them back.

Also, just looked him up and he’s been there since 2015! Felt like just yesterday he was at Juventus.

People would do well to check the dates on them games.
There’s a run of 6 games including the Sunderland fixture in 17 days.
Anything outside the top 3 is a team that has consistency problems and 24 points is just unrealistic and not going too be achieved. Some either overly optimistic shit or agenda driven stuff waiting for the fall going on here.


We will win the quad some year and only lose one game all season. Our annual 4-0 loss to Liverpool at Anfield


16-18 points would be a good and realistic haul over those eight games that would probably leave us 4th or 5th at New Years. With 18 we’d have 38 points over 20 fixtures or 1.9/per which projects to 72 points.

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Apart from Man U, who don’t have a manager and are in poor form, none of the other clubs have better players and we also have no injuries to key players.

So a club of our stature, with the quality we have at our disposal, should be getting around twenty points from these fixtures.

Anything below fifteen points would be totally unacceptable but If we get above twenty points, it could be argued that we are at least on the right track.

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That’s the minimum we’re going to need to have a chance at 4th IMO, it is also the maximum amount we’re capable of over this 8 game stretch.

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When the minimum is also the maximum its not great. :pires2:

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Newcastle - oil cunts
United away - northern cunts
Everton away - scouse cunts
Southampton - port cunts
West Ham - London cunts
Leeds away - yorkshire cunts
Norwich away - yellow cunts
Wolves home - west Midland cunts