Next 8 games


It helps that Emery is coming across as a man with a plan, as well as seeing genuinely nice. We’re shaping up very nicely indeed




We’re going to win the league! Down with the naysayers! :unai:


I think it’s inportant for a lot of the naysayers to remember that these are the exact kinds of games and teams we used to lose to all the time under Wenger. Sure we will in the future under Emery but when was the last time Wenger had a streak like this?

We’re playing with a lot more confidence and positivity than we have in a long time. Worth remembering even if we hadn’t played Liverpool or United or whatever

  1. About the last time our football was as good as well imo.

Actually that’s unfair to the 2009-2011 teams.


Honestly people are overestimating the transition. This is a squad with decent quality. At the end of the day we just had one really bad season, which rightfully cost Wenger his head. But the top four qualifications we did manage too achieve in past were largely based on results against teams ranked from 6-20. Something that has been happening recently too.

The fact of the change itself is exciting. But it is not like Emery had to break this club down and build it from the ground up again.


In 2013 we got something like 89 points over 38 games. Albeit from the back end of one season and into another.


But, so is United’s squad, yet look at them.

A manager’s approach to everything can make or break a decent squad.


Had to happen right at the end.


Not over yet Luca

Second Half FC are about to be unleashed


Lol! Prefer to have a rest. See you.


@Gladiator like


Not the end of the world. 22 points out of 24 are a massive return.


That was never in doubt :sunglasses:


Forget Emery’s tactics. Forget our shoddy defence. Forget our lacklustre board.

To get positive results we need a new thread, like this one.

Make it so @LordBendtner


To get positive results we need a another favourable fixture list with some garbage Europa teams thrown in every third week.


With this joke of a defence we are the garbage Europa team for others :facepalm: