Newcastle United

This team is not a threat. Zero Shays given.

Cunts playing like a relegation candidate.


No mate they’re a very real threat in future. Their spending has been infinitely smarter than what most people expected and they’re this well organised and consistent even at this early stage.

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What did they actually do in open play? Commiting fouls and faking head injuries??


Testament to how good we are that 0-0 was their entire gameplan.



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Spurs next

you wanna know what these scumbags will be like when they start being mancity…look at their scummy fans. Will be like the dirty chav that is a complete lout winning the lottery, yeah they are gonna be completely unbearable.


Don’t understand drink driving.

A real shame people do it.


Just get an Uber man you’re on like £70k a week probs ffs


Probably doesnt get recompensed for it. I know my company doesn’t pay back for ubers lol.


If I had that money, I’d be chauffeured everywhere.

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Not sure I ever shared this story on here…

Around 2014 while visiting my cousin in Doha I met these two Saudi dudes claiming to be brokering a deal to buy Newcastle. I didn’t think much of it at the time tbh because I figured if the Saudis wanted a team they’d go for Man Utd.

Might not be the same guys but was interesting nonetheless.


Neither do I

It’s one of those crimes that actually make my blood boil and gets me physically angry.


I dunno this seems like a bit of an elitist mentality.

Their fans deserve something back as much as anyone. Albeit in rather abhorrent circumstances as most billionaire takeovers are anyway.


I agree.
It’s not ideal having dodgy owners but what top European club doesn’t have them?
Newcastle had to put up with Ashley, arguably the worst owner the PL has seen, ruining the club and they haven’t won a trophy for about half a century, despite having massive support.
It’s not like we’re big rivals so if any club deserves a bit of success, it’s them.

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Call me crazy but I don’t want any club to be successful other than Arsenal. Fuck Newcastle and their horse punching fans.


Neither do I but if it means another club finishing below us in the top four places, which could happen this season, I’d much rather it be them rather than spurs, Man U or Chelsea.

I wouldn’t first it means another dubious oil club owned by a country with dubious human rights issues and also if reports are to be believed it would allow Ronaldo to play for Newcastle on loan if they are in the champions league.
As much as I like to see spurs and Man Utd fail rather them than Newcastle or Man City

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Tbh I don’t, rather Newcastle take as long as possible to get up and running in Man City style.

Spurs and Chelsea have proven they are no threat regardless.