Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (PL)

  • Win
  • Draw
  • Loss
  • Watching cash in the attic instead

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Hope Willock scores a hattrick.

Seriously, Arteta better just play Azeez, Balogun and the Hale end lads.

This match means nothing.

Of course it will be all first teamers and Elnenny and Willian.

Couldn’t care less


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Just googled cash in the attic and it ended in September 2012 :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

I’m gonna watch Fiorentina instead. They’re rubbish as well this season, but at least it’s a different kind of rubbish.

We should, but I’m going for, a draw, an away win, a draw, and a home win…Hope I’m wrong, but I have no faith in this guy whatsoever!

I posted the above in response to the statement by someone, that we should win our next 4 games, against, Fulham (H), Everton (H), Newcastle (A), and WBA (H)…So far I have been correct for the first 2 games, so I reckon a draw is on the cards against The Geordies…Even Steve feckin Bruce has got our managers number…

Oh, what a shame, 2pm on Sunday just so happens to coincide with my Sunday mid-afternoon nap


I’m going fishing, bugger it


Mackerel arteta


Brilliant, take a bow son

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A really carp manager, trout of his depth…


We couldn’t get up for a EL SF so I struggle to see how we’ll get up for this one.

Newcastle 1-1 Arsenal

@Calum back in the game on match day threads. :facepunch:

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No one else can be arsed so I’ve come out of retirement like Sir Alex in 2002 :grin:

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Much like the Sheffield game this is a prova generale for the match next week. Hopefully we get a solid win and get our confidence back. Seems to be becoming a trend now.
We play Brighton right before the final against United too. :rofl:

Tierney should be wrapped up until next Thursday, and I’d start Auba but only play him 60 or so minutes. Here’s your chance to play some of the Willian types as well imo, I don’t think we should be risking everyone in this. Let Willock score a few late goals so they can beat us and we’ll rest up as far as I’m concerned

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Willock can’t play in this right?

Nope, ineligible. Which is lucky because if he was he’d probably score a 90th minute winner.

I believe he is eligible now, didn’t they change the rule?

Edit: Nvm I guess that’s just the UEFA rule