Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (PL)


Yeah at home to some garbage opposition, couldn’t agree more.


hehe, we will be going for a clean sheet and cech accidently kicks the ball into his own net.


Yeah, probably. It’s like Cech waiting for his 200th clean sheet :mustafi:


We are officially back! Truly can’t wait! :smile:


Can’t wait for this game, for two reasons. One, to see what Unai and team have been working on over the last two weeks and whether it shows on the pitch (I am allowed to dream) and two, cause every Arsenal game is an emotional roller-coaster right till the last minute.


You’d run the risk of bumping into me :smile:

I always go to this fixture. One of my fave away days.


OK, you’ll definitely see me, then. I’m a big, muscular, bronzed Adonis hulk of a man :wink:

Not looking forward to the drive, though :(:expressionless:

If you’re driving, do you know the best place to park? I don’t mind walking 15 mins or so from the ground in order to beat the matchday traffic


Yeah I usually drive because it’s just straight up the A1 for me. Plus I get to stop at all the Pulse & Cocktails sex shops :henry2:

I have friends there so usually park at theirs. But a lot of people use the park & ride. They lay on a special match day service, it goes from the Metro Centre across the river in Gateshead to the stadium and then back again afterwards, obviously. They call it the Soccerbus, lol. I think the actual parking is free and then the ride is £2 (but don’t quote me on that).

I parked at Newcastle college once before too, which is about a 15 minute walk away. I can’t remember how much that costs. There are plenty of other car parks around the city centre too and street parking – but if you don’t know the area then you may not fancy driving around looking for a space.


Play the strong team available because we are at home against a shit team in the Europa League on thursday.


Apparently, that’s what the Vorskla Poltava supporters have been saying they should in their next game before they play us :wink:


Not funny :grinning:. Welbeck should be enough against them :wink:


The game does have the feel of a potential banana skin. Newcastle put up a decent battle against Man City recently, so despite their league position, they can’t be taken for granted.

We do have a good record up at the Toon, but this will be a good test for Emery. Would be great to achieve back to back away wins in god knows how long. Though I’m going to side cautiously and go for a draw, 2-2.


2-2 is what I’m backing too Mystikal


Expecting the hardest game of this eight match run. Would be an important three points.


Assuming he doesn’t come down with a sore throat, this will be Özil’s first game up at Newcastle. His record goes: injured, ill, injured, rested.

Getting Geordie Shored is a career milestone that every footballer has to go through eventually.


I think it will be a low scoring draw.
I’ll go for 1-1, Lacazette to score.


I thought that originally, but hearing what Rafa has said it sounds like they don’t respect us as much as they do Chelsea. He wants to come at us, which is understandable given our lack of quality in defence, which means they’ll probably score more than one – but at the same time, that will allow us to attack more. I’m confident we can outscore them should that be the tactic they employ. Goalfest incoming.


My guys :heart_eyes:


“Ozil out with a cold” :xhaka:


Tearing Newcastle a new one :kos2: