Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (PL)


Oh yeah, forgot about it. Hope Emery learns that yesterday’s team is the best available atm (bar Xhaka).


We’ve played West Ham and Cardiff in our last two games, and those two clubs have played four games each this season and scored only four goals, yet three of them were against us.

So although I expect us to win, it would be great to see us keep a clean sheet as well.


Genuinely a worse offence than a food insult.


Caps lock spasms. My cat ate mexican last night and is uncontroleable.


Another BTTS banker


I predict another end to end goalfest with skill and technique a plenty coupled with fist pumping sqeaky bum a la cirque der shizer we call defending…

We shall beat dem geordie buggers killing them off as in the last two games by death by headless chicken attack football…



Judging by the Cardiff performance we’ll make hard work of this game . Our defence and defending is nothing short of shyte . Any team we play against will have a chance .
A good 2-0 away win.


I love that you said everything that you said and somehow still ended up predicting us to win by two goals and with a clean sheet :joy:


I’m not sure a game with Benitez as one of the managers against a big club will be an end to end goalfest.


Newcastle are shit. We’ve got this.


What are our odds on a clean sheet?


Not worth losing your money on.


I’d go with a 2-1 to us. We take the lead, they draw, then we score the winner.


Pretty crazy that we are at a state where keeping a clean sheet is like an extra point in our mind.
Won’t forget that Watford game where Cech got the 200th clean sheet. It was like we went through a KO stage. Plus, Cech saving a penalty against Deeney was sweet.


Got a chance to go to this one. In 2 minds though. It’s bloody far!


Thank fuck we’re back this weekend.

We’ll win this, 1-3.


4 days until we play.

Fucking eternity…


Do it ! It should be interesting observing different species and creatures up north. Their way of communicating is way different from humans. I would love a well written paper when you return from your travels.


Would love not to concede for once, but this team is not ready to do it yet.


Our first clean sheet will be in the Europa League