Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (PL)


Does he need to be dropped? :yum:



I’m really not sure what to do with him tbh. I think Laca should continue to start at CF in the league tbh. The simple link up is effective and adds some functionality in the final third

I’m tempted to start Auba in the EL so he can regain some poise and form in front of goal


Laca is looking fucking good right now, at least relative to the rest of the team, so he absolutely needs to keep being played where he currently is.


The way he took down the ball near the end from a long ball and played in Mkhi I think? Was world class.


From little highlights that I watched, it seemed there was more than flicks in laca’s game today


I really liked the one he did to play in Ramsey. Who fucked it up like a cunt


Your loss :laughing:

I never made it to the game. I decided to fall down the stairs and sprain my ankle instead :see_no_evil:


If you were a Northern lass you’d have still driven the several hours to the game. Soft southerner!


Until the next sentence I thought it was going to be because you got preoccupied by all of the items on offer in this sex shop haha


I hope you’re OK.

Rest, ice, compression and elevation for the first 48 hours. Switch to ibuprofen, or stronger non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, thereafter.


I also bought a 12" pizza for £4. Four quid?!

Northern hospitality, man. Can’t knock it


You can and frequently…


Absolutely, I totally agree. I do feel the long term future in best interest for the team is to have him and Auba starting up top.

How we get a system to accomodate that I have no idea.


Two players with the goals that needed the confidence boost. I think Newcastle expelled a lot of energy in the first half and it showed in the second.

Two away wins on trot, absolute progress. Still a long way to go but we are at least looking more like a team game by game under Emery.


Injury time too .
Still , a win is a win . We are beginning to find our feet .


I actually don’t even think the first half was as poor as most people say. We had about three chances through Bellerin when he got into the box and cut the ball back but we just couldn’t get on the end of anything, and Ramsey 9 times out of 10 would’ve squared it to Auba or Ozil when he got in down the left but he fucked it all up.

Newcastle basically had several corners which came to nothing and one chance that Cech had to beat away that wasn’t even on target. It wasn’t scintillating but the post match analysis from many people has made it seem like Newcastle were all over us and should’ve been ahead which I think is kind of ridiculous.