Newcastle United Thread

What happened to the mega rich Arab guy who bid for them?

Shame they are going down again. Ashley really is a horrible cunt.

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I don’t think they’ll get relegated but I’m really interested to know the logic behind Steve Bruce tbh

He’s errrr English?

Tbf if all you want to do is ensure PL survival to farm the tv money and keep the club attractive to buyers i’m not surprised Bruce and Fat Sam have been sought out.

I understand Fat Sam for surviving a relegation battle but Bruce?

When Sam says no who else can you go but lower?

Would like to see O’Neill x Keane get the gig tbh

They’re scraping the barrel.

They’d have been after Pulis or Pardew next.

Waiting for the days the football Gods smile upon Newcastle and they’re finally free of Ashley.

It’s a club with absolutely no ambition and probably fuck all to spend, so it’s no surprise they’re not going to get anyone regarded highly.

Could be the perfect comeback opportunity for someone though :wenger:

I’d be interested to know how many clubs Bruce has to manage before people realise he’s less than average.

They might as well get Warnock, Pulis and Allardyce in as his assistants if that’s the limit of their imagination.

Ashley must be the most hated person to be associated with Newcastle.
He is a disgusting excuse of a club owner as well as a person.

Quite frankly I’ve always thought it was slightly unfair to include Allardyce in with the rest of these; he’s at least one level above, although that’s the lowest of bars to set.

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Enjoy, Steve :+1:

I know it’s just a friendly (even if there is a trophy involved) but Newcastle for relegation?

Pencilling them in for relegation.


#BruceOut already trending :joy:

i feel bad for Newcastle…i dunno what Mike is doing, it almost seems like he is doing it on purpose almost looks like he is fed up with newcastle maybe is looking for a buyer but it would stand to reason that you would want your asset to be more attractive.



Imagine going from Benitez to Bruce.

Ashley is intent on taking them back to the Championship, and Bruce is just the man to do it.

what is the betting he will sack him in 6 months because the results wont be good enough…well what the fuck were you expecting.

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Newcastle away as the first fixture of the season doesn’t seem as daunting anymore

Better than WeCareDoYou

Stevey crooked nose Bruce