Newcastle United Thread

The logic, thinking and conclusion of your post was sound and well thought out! So I liked it.

On the other hand, £25m for bastard Chris Wood?!??!


They should now go for Tarkowski.



Every fans of clubs have agendas lol not a big deal for me


F’ckin Lingard?
These guys are like an 8 year old with a fiver in a sweet shop.

Nothing to see here

Quite impressed with how they haven’t just pissed money away. They’re refusing to meet United’s £12m valuation of Lingard which shows at least they’re not just allowing clubs to shit on them.

Got Trippier at a good price too and whilst I know Woods isn’t a £25m striker they directly weakened a relegation contender and brought in a reliable and combative striker with a history of for producing for a relegation battling club.

All in all they may go down still but they’re not just pissing away money on any and everyone


Agree with your point, they’re moving fairly intelligently so far, so dont think this is me disagreeing with your overall point. But if I were Newcastle I’d definitely pay up circa 10 million to get Lingard in right now. He was really good for West Ham in the second half of last season, if I were them I’d absolutely spend 10 million on the chance of him being able to do the same for Newcastle.

Can’t stand the little prick but I think he could be transformative for Newcastle.

Not saying that they should instantly meet whatever demand United make, as refusing to do so could see United accepting 8m or whatever on the final day of the window when they realise its either that or lose him for free in the summer and also pay him to do very little for half a season.

But if it comes down to a direct choice between paying 12m or not having Lingard, I’d definitely just pull the trigger if I were them, their pockets are certainly deep enough to take that sort of punt when survival is at stake.


I completely agree and I think in the end they’ll pay it. I think it’s more a public stunt from them to show clubs that they’re prepared to pay hardball and not be taken advantage of.

I think Lingard has the potential to keep them up, alongside Guimares and a new CB they’re a team that’ll probably have just enough to beat the drop.

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To me they are acting like I’ve won 50 million on the lottery and I’m not going to let it change me, carry on working, same old house blah blah