Newcastle United Thread


Isn’t it like day 3? :bellerin:


Those walk ups are an important part of the season :santi:

Mike Ashley is killing this club


What happened to the whole interest they had start of the year that looked like Ashley was finally going to sell the club?

We have our issues at Arsenal, but gotta feel for the Toon fans with Ashley at the helm.




Do you not? Newcastle should be a top 8 club every season. Absolutely scandalous what Ashley has done to them


Yea it is. But I don’t care.


the Other party wanted to buy the club for £300mil but mike wanted more money plus once the club secured prem football he wanted about £400mil for the club.

Am more surprised Benitez is still their thought he would have walked by now.

At least the players know this will hit ashley in the pocket


By the way if you get a few spare seconds today check out Steven Taylor’s miss in the A league in the Brisbane vs Wellington match.


Hope this happens. Ashley is ruining them


Newcastle are a well supported club with a great stadium. Shame its being run by a dick.


They are actually very nice fans, the Geordies.

I can’t recall them ever having had bad press (apart from that one fella who punched a police horse after they lost 0-3 at home to the Mackems)




Happy anniversary Toon. 50 years after todays result without a trophy.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Despite the constant hype around them they are a small club. Just because they have a decent crowd they’re always considered a big club. They don’t even have the history to justify it.


Isn’t it just that in Newcastle itself they are treated like the Catalonians treat Barca? Its like a religion in that city, so it makes them seem much bigger despite the fact that outside of Newcastle they aren’t much.


That deluded term gets round on a few teams fans. This lot are the definition of it.


Yeah I think that’s part of it, plus the whole Geordie thing. But it doesn’t really separate them from other well supported clubs. I guess the whole 90s thing around the club probably adds to it and their sense of being a big club.

Saying all that I don’t actually mind them as a club, and actually enjoyed the time I went to Newcastle which suprised me :grin:


Newcastle should be in the top 8 every season. Can you imagine the potential of that club if someone other than Ashley owned them?


I didn’t use to mind them because when I was younger I liked the Goal! film series lol

After the 4-4 though I began to detest those pricks


Had plenty of owners in the last 50 years though mate.