Newcastle United Thread


I wouldn’t know about that of course :stuck_out_tongue:


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Yes but it’s also the kinkiest road in Britain.
[/quote]Trust you to know all about kinky things eh :wenger:


Bunch off underachievers with the manager and team they have they should have won the championship.



I clicked on this thread out of curiosity at what kind of boring shit could have been written about Newcastle in an international break but this is a peach :giroud2:


A little surprising because he can obviously do a lot better.

Merino > Xhaka :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess he shop window of the prem is the reason, maybe he loves Rafa too


He was supposed to be a star for Dortmund. What did go wrong?


They’re finally going to get rid of their horrid owner. I’m so jealous.



Haven’t they been relegated twice in the PL era and come straight back up? Yoyo club is a bit harsh. They could easily be established as a permanent PL club with half decent management.

I don’t know the state of their debts these days but £200m sounds like a good price for someone wanting a PL club.


Image Usmanov buying them :smile: :gabriel: :xhaka:


Some woman was at the club last week who’s been looking to invest in a football club


Now that Newcastle have a light at the end of their tunnel, do you think they’ll lend us this banner?


Twice in 10 years seems a bit much though for a club like Newcastle. They have been 15th and 16th too in the past 10 year stretch. Potentially they are very good. I wonder if they have the same problem as Keane claimed Sunderland had; players don’t wanting to go up north.


Come on- we’re better than that…

Ours will be towed by a plane.


small club in the north-east.

i like true geordie, but he hasn’t seen his team ever win a trophy.



Newcastle receive £300m bid from Amanda Staveley.