Newcastle United Thread

He’s a more than a decent manager and Newcastle would do well to get him.
But they are a big club with a small time owner.

Why do you need to post yourself breaking covid restrictions on Instagram? Is he that self obsessed? :joy::joy: what a :clown_face:

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Yeah he’s an idiot for posting that, but it’s obviously not just him. Loads of footballers seem to have lovely neat hair. Are they all married to hairdressers?

Fair enough do it if you want but don’t paste it on fucking social media where your employer can see it lol

I got a haircut at the beginning of August and the Mrs has been trimming the sides every month or so since to try and maintain it and it looks neat when she does it. Saved me a ton too.

I’m sure Mrs Linton could have sorted it out.

I’ve not had my haircut since 5th December I’m just gonna let it grow till haircuts are legal again like lockdown 1.

I’d happily wait longer for pubs lol just please let me get a haircut in February. I’ve never wanted Tier 3 so much hahaha






I think I’ve got all the important parts of the story in the screenshots. More can be read via the link in the tweet.

Carragher goes through the sequence of events leading to the Wolves equaliser.