Newcastle United Thread

But they have also made a couple of big sells (Lukaku, Gueye) and do they offer comparative wages to attract the ‘top’ players? Because looking at who they actually buy I think that is where they are not like Chelsea or City. That 450 million number looks like an extraordinary amount, but doesn’t paint the whole picture.

@sevchenko I think they will work around FFP like City and Etihad (even though they are being punished right now).

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Just Aussie getting in early so he can quote this post in 2024 telling us all how right he was yet again

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Yea that’s all fair and yes Everton have been extraordinarily wasteful. But that was kind of my point also. Not one I made that clearly mind.

Well at least he’d be appreciated there. And give it a few years, they’ll be finishing above us

Agreed, it’s already happening with “USM” Finch Farm, new shirt sponsor next season and £30m deal just to have the option of naming rights to their new ground :roll_eyes:

They have to get popped by UEFA at this rate, it all hinges on the City decision.

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Why not just bid £300mil and £1


@Trion @BigWeng_4LYFE @Leper




Got to give a bit of recognition to Steve Bruce here. Everyone myself included slated the appointment last summer but he’s done a fantastic job. So fair play to him.


I can’t back it up but pretty sure I said somewhere that at a minimum he’d keep them up. He’s good at it.

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