Newcastle United Thread


They have just signed Hayden from us. Good luck to him at the toon!


They also signed Gamez from Atletico. It’s a massive signing for a Championship club.


After a shaky first few games, they seem to be really hitting their stride now. Smashed QPR 6-0 away, last night. Now up to 2nd place. The Rafa projects seems to be taking off now rather nicely.


Can see them and Norwich coming back straight.


He has make this work. His career otherwise is pretty much over I think.


Absolute classic at St. James tonight, 3-2 down heading into stoppage time and they win 4-3 against the Canaries.


That was just unbelievale! Ahahah!


Rafa’s magic seems to be working well at Newcastle. Top of the Championship, through to the Quarter finals of the League Cup with a 6-0 win over Preston.

They’re a bit of a goal scoring machine under Rafa too.


They are wasted in the Championship. They are a middle-table Premier League team.


True, they didn’t get relegated because of the quality of their squad but because of the incompetence of their board and especially because of the incompetence of Mclaren.
I mean who the fuck gives Mclaren a job.


Welcome back Newcastle!


Congratulations, but they have been absolutely crap in the last months. They have just done the minimum.


Really pleased for Hayden. Done really well this season.

Akpom take note…


Straight back down hopefully. Absolute joke of a club.


Time to move this thread back into the Premier League section…oh wait :wilshere:


2 wins for us in the Premier League next season, so not complaining.


I’ll probably goto this next season, as long as we get rid of the other three. The A1 goes on forever


Yes but it’s also the kinkiest road in Britain. I find that making a few stops at Pulse and Cocktails makes the journey better :grin:


Who’s the third?



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Who’s the third?