New Season

Well , a new season is here and expectations are still as high, maybe not as enthusiastically as high as previous years but it leaves me to wish you all the very best for the new season.



Easy title win tbh, Arteta redemption song


Appreciate the sentiments, Ashgooner, but when I saw the thread title my immediate thought was ‘new season, same shite’. I suspect I’m not alone. :slight_smile:


I was hoping they were serious about a squad overhaul and huge summer transfer window.

But ultimately it has wound up with fans being played again and lots of the underwhelming players still around and some as starters.

A 6th consecutive season of 5th-8th place beckons.


It’s a shame that it’s come to this. You wouldn’t be crying about only 3 of our players being in our opponents team if Wenger was still manager. He’d be having Pepe and Auba firing on all cylinders and even if results were bad you’d still see top teams eyeing them up for big money transfers cuz they’d be scoring for fun under big daddy Arsene. He’d also have Partey locking down the midfield too.

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Outgoings is a massive disappointment, even for my low expectations. Only Luiz is gone. Willock for a decent fee and that’s it. I know it’s not easy but with rumours of contract extensions for Xhaka and Bellerin. Cedric, Mari and Willian sitting on sweet contracts. It’s not exactly going to get easier is it…


I think we’ll see many outgoings in the coming weeks, even if it’s in a form of a loan.
I believe the club will try to prevent a situation like last season with too many players being here, not registered or inactive.
Arteta’s presser touched upon it actually.

While am mostly disillusioned with all things Arsenal, you can’t help but get a little excited about the start of a new season. Just something about it makes you think that perhaps this time, things will go well and we’ll get it right on the pitch, even though we haven’t done the business off the pitch.

Maybe that’s just the die hard Arsenal fan in me for whom every little sign of hope is worth clinging on to, even if that hope only comes from this being the start of another season.


It’s the first season as a Arsenal that I feel no excitement for. I don’t trust this manager at all, out of his element and Yes man don’t sit well with me. Football is brutal. Transfer business has been poor imo. Same old crappy players around. Same old bullshit coming out of Arteta’s gob and Edu on holiday sums up this club right now.

I wouldn’t be surprised with how strong the other sides have gotten that maybe 9th place or 10th place finish is on the cards. I think Arteta be gone by Christmas and back to been Pep’s coneboy imo. I think this board will go for a cheap choice to get us over the line. Maybe a cup run will cover up some of the rot but it make for a interesting All Or Nothing documentary and just add more misery to this fanbase.

I think we get in two panic buys that some fan base will get googly eyed over and think it’s a masterstroke. I think we be outside the top 10 for a large part of the season. I think fanbase will turn on Arteta by Christmas, I think some will be agaisnt him earlier then that but large majority will be agaisnt him a little after. I think board will throw him under the bus and get in a cheap choice to steady the ship for the season. P.R will be crazy trying to calm down the fans. And Arsenal will have a good end of season and some crazy fans will tell us about “we finished 4th in the second half of the season with our results”

Rinse and Repeat the same thing without Arteta for a few years before we turn into relegation fodder under this ownership.

The most positive thing that could happen is sacking Arteta because then we can hope that we get lucky with our next hire and they turn out to be a good manager. Skill in hiring a manager is out the window and we won’t go for a guy we know will get results because our club is a bunch of pussies. However we can always hope we just hire the right guy through dumb luck :+1::grin:

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No idea how this season will go, let’s hope we’ll enjoy more highs than last season. Starting with one tonight.



And POOF, it’s gone, just like that.

Fuck this club! This isn’t a new season. This is the continuation of the last 2 seasons.