Nacho Monreal (18)


Would be good for him and us


Roma have a penchant for signing old full backs.


His late goals recently were a desperate attempt not to be sold.


Would be a bizarre signing by Roma, bullshit imo.


Roma have an interesting LB on the left (Emerson Palmieri) and his reserve, the portuguese Mario Rui, has been bought for 11M.


Was about to say it. Serie A is perfect for him.


:clap: :clap: :clap: Great match from Nacho-man.


He’s so good at CB it’s unreal tbh




Top, top performance from the Spaniard. Really love how he, Per and Rob performed today. An actual commanding defensive display from an Arsenal team. I can’t quite believe it. :wink:

Hold your head up high Nacho, you were brilliant today!


And to think we were starting to think that his career was starting to come to an end here. He started to look slow and calamitous for a while there…has been beasting it for a while now.


If 3 atb is here to stay, Monreal deserves that LCB spot.


We have so much good depth at CB now. :open_mouth: Don’t have to sign any for ages now




How many of those beers have they had…30?


My mate played well


Nacho has been amazing for us for the last 3 years, hardly ever putting a foot wrong. He was solid as ever today, Sead Kolasnic(?) Must have been bought to play LWB cause Nacho isn’t going anywhere.


Nacho was brilliant last season, but I thought he struggled this year until the formation change.


Yeah, losing pace make him a crap LB, but a very good CB.


Surely the unsung man of the match.

You’d be forgiven thinking he was an actual centre back watching that. Hope to god we keep him.