Nacho Monreal (18)


His defending is all over the place but against Chelsea he was our biggest threat on crossing.
Although not playing well I will at least credit him with not hiding and at least showing some commitment.


31 today will need replacing sooner rather than later…


How fucking bad has he been?


Time to sell him. He has been utter garbage this season.


maybe that is why we are getting that guy from schalke


Another match, another Arsenal defender not getting the memo about a player who cuts inside basically 99% of the time


Getting burned at the back and offers close to nothing going forward.

Yet somehow has been first choice all season, makes sense.


Not too bad like @SRCJJ said but a new LB is needed. Unfortunately Gibbs isn’t better than him and Bramall is too young to be a first team player.


Better than Walcott


at least he goes forward with the ball and somewhat tries, walcott is a striker that is afraid of his main job, gets the ball in a good area and passes it back to someone else not taking responsibility.


Walcott has scored 19 this season though :thinking:



I know amazing isn’t it, I couldn’t believe that either!


Only 2nd to Alexis in our top scorers this season, like it or not he’s had a great season.


I guess he read this and thought “I’ll show him!” :smile:


I really like Monreal tbh, he’s taken a lot of criticism as of late but I think he’s a genuine professional who always goes out there and tries his best.

I do agree that we probably should be looking towards a replacement for him but I don’t think his time at the club is done just yet. In this new system he certainly has a place as he can do a job at wing back and filling in on the left side of the back 3.

He very much reminds me of Arteta in his conduct and passion.


Limited footballer though & we will not come close to winning the league with him as key component.


Our new formation seems to suit him well, as he has one more CB who can help him with defending.


How amazing has he been?


Well he’s had two good games after a very poor season so I’ll hold back on calling him amazing just yet.