Nacho Monreal (18)


Gibbs is a pretty fucking trash player though. He’s right in the mold of Theo/OX/Coq. The only difference is he knows his fucking place. Monreal at least knows how to play ball a little.


Can he be any worse? Gibbs has been playing well against lesser opposition yes but he deserves his shot.

If he isn’t good enough to step in then why is he here? Monreal is terrible right now.


I think it’s a huge drop in quality tbh. I really like Monreal. I’m not sure I’d blame him today for what went down.


It’s not if Monreal is playing like balls.

This Monreal is a shadow of his former self, Gibbs may be able to give more than this.

They were attacking that left flank for fun.


It’s just a weird pick out for me.
We could have Alaba or whoever out there at left back today and it wouldn’t make a fucking difference.

Talent has never been our issue, it’s all about heart. The team has none. We have too many fucking cunts too comfortable in their lifestyle. Wenger more than anyone.


Nacho is inconsistent on defense and on attack. We need a new LB as soon as possible, but until the Summer Gibbs needs to be a starter over the spaniard.

This is incredibile because Nacho is back on the national team when he is playing not good as the past seasons.


How is it a weird pick out?

He’s been poor for a while,other players have got stick so why not him.

He’s clearly regressed and someone else should be given a chance, that left flank is currently a weakness.


Has he really regressed though or is he just dealing with Iwobi and Ox in front of him instead of Alexis? I also think he’s missing Santi in the midfield who’s always a genuine outlet. Most of our players seem to shy away from the ball in games like this because they’re cowardly fucks.


Scored a nice first goal for Spain a few weeks ago. Have always liked Nacho but never believed he had the quality required to be a consistent starter. I don’t think Gibbs belongs there either. It’s time to find someone who does.


I’d say so yes he’s regressed even when Santi was in the team you could see it.

And if Bellerin can put in at least 7/10 performances each week at 21 with no Santi and the current set up he can’t use all that as an excuse.


Oh yea, it was more tha him today. Dropped a bollock, the lot of 'em.


I’ve said as much myself, however, he’s playing shit and has been for a while.

Why can’t Gibbs get a run out? It’s not like he hasn’t been taking the few opportunities he’s been given and playing well, Monreal is far from a paragon of quality at this stage.


Who the fuck even really cares if Gibbs starts over Monreal. It’s such a weird takeaway from this game.


This is Monreal’s thread so I’m talking about him specifically have no idea what you’re on about with this “takeaway” bullshit.

As if that’s the only criticism of this game, it’s one of many and I haven’t implied otherwise.


So am I still the only one who thinks he needs to be replaced?


No I said we should buy Rodriguez this summer in preparation.

We never quit while we’re ahead with our players. We either sell them before we get the most out of them at their peak or sell them when they’re past it and been putting in shit performances for a couple seasons.


Should we replace Ox, Theo, and Ramsey first?


Absolutely. He has lost so much pace in the last season.


He has most definitely lost a step and has been lit up this season. It seems like Gibbs isn’t even considered competition but rather just another warm body.

We should be looking to his successor or at least someone that actually has a chance to compete, Rodriguez was available on the cheap in the summer due to a clause something like under £20mil again we were linked heavy and jack shit happened.


We’re most likely going to lose out to Chelsea as far as Rodriguez is concerned and who could blame him.