Nacho Monreal (18)




Seo needs to be shipped out ASAP


Gosh the ad placements on that website


Are you negotiating for us now? :henry2:

Seems sensible for the time being, decent quality cover which doesn’t have to impede on reinforcements in this area either.




Thought that was his nickname? :thinking:

Edit: looking back I’ve the only user been really using that term


whose nickname? :rofl:




Nacho cheese flavour Monreal :hearts: aka Mr. Consistent. Good news brothers.


I actually call him Mr Skinned By Any Half Decent Winger :heart:


Smart move imho… he adds depth and is useful enough and can slot in LB or CB… obviously shouldn’t be starting regularly, but that is different issue… Its too bad we didn’t pounce on Sessegnon or Chilwell - I reckon they would be expensive now.


I actually started typing a post saying virtually the exact same thing but couldn’t be bothered to press reply.


Happy with it. He is still our best LB.


Which says a lot about how poor our team is because he’s shot to pieces and shouldn’t be starting games for us.


My preference for clearing inadequate defenders out of the club would be Lichtsteiner, then Mustafi, then any of Jenkinson/Chambers/Koscielny for different reasons.

Monreal offers more than any of the above when also considering ability to stay fit and not being basically shot from career ending injuries. I think he can be relied on for squad depth for a while yet.


Monreal is finished, injury prone now and not the player he was 2-3 years ago. I can only hope he’s staying as depth on minimal wages.


He’s been getting skinned by good wingers for a few seasons now it’s just that he chipped in with a few more goals last season so it masked that.


Can we just get it straight that he is an awful CB. Its an absolute myth he is an adequate option in that position.


We should never have seen him play CB for more than a game or two at a time, which would have been fine. I think that’s always our problem with players playing out of position, we end up seeing them do it for far too long and the inevitable holes appear.


Another one we are talking about keeping. Afraid he is another one thats finished. Looked shot to bits today.
Acknowledge his flick on for the goal and hope its a tactic we use again.