Nacho Monreal (18)



So probably after the next international break ah ah!


How can anyone say that Nacho hasn’t been that good last season? He was by far our best defender and undoubtedly one of our best players overall. His performances even got him a place in Spain’s WC squad which isn’t an easy task. Especially when you don’t play in Spain and specifically for Madrid, Barca or at least Atleti.

Anyway, I think Kolasinac will get his chances. He is very much so a LWB, loves to bombard that left side. Emery seems to like that.


Nacho was rather poor 2nd half of last season, showed signs of decline without a doubt. As for Kola he is just simply not very good.


Well very easily. Just cause he scored goals doesn’t make him good


Well, just because he scored goals doesn’t mean he was bad defensively (if that’s your point). Not everyone is like Marcos Alonso wandering in the opposing penalty box.


Can’t say I noticed any decline in the 2nd half of last season. I have noticed it this season so far though but that may be due to the lack of fitness, coming in late and injured.
Btw, I thought Kolasinac looked fine last season but then he got injured and was suddenly completely disregarded, even losing his place to an out of position youngster after coming back. Questions were raised and so far from what I’ve seen of him in 2018 he has been pretty bad defensively, constantly getting caught out and pulling some Mustafi-esque specialties. Having said that, he’s pretty good offensively which makes me think Emery will use him like Bellerin.
Car crash football. Yes.


I think he’s good enough to keep around. Although there was strong rumours in the summer of going to Betis? I think it was.

We should be making a case for Kolasinac imo. He’s the natural LB protege and if he’s not good enough, then look to bring in an improvement. Lyon have a long line of Mendy’s to pick from it seems!


I’d add goalkeeper to that by the looks of things.


I’d give him one more year. Think that’s enough.


He didnt just score a shite load of goals though. He was the player of the season.


2nd* :wink: Ramsey got POTS


Because it was a fan vote and he scored goals, which catches the eye. And because almost nobody in our team stood out as being much better than utter dogshit last season. Plus he wasn’t even player of the year anyway.

IMO he really wasn’t as good last year as you seem to think he was.


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