Nacho Monreal (18)


He’s correct though. He got rinsed so many times last season. Still can’t believe he came 2nd in our player of the year awards last season!


We have so many players who people think should be sold/replaced/used as back up. Where are these replacements all coming from? We don’t have the money to replace everybody, especially not within the next year. Given a couple of the signings we made this summer, I wouldn’t trust our club to spend money wisely anyway.

I wouldn’t be in favour of signing a player in their 30s, but if he is already here and is still OK (by our standards) then I see no harm in keeping hold of him for a little while longer. Monreal does offer something to the squad, plus he is hard working and a threat from set pieces. It’s not like he’s going to be given a 5 year contract on £200,000 a week.


Just lamenting our shit position tbh, these are chickens coming home to roost, for horrible squad management decisions made from 10 years ago.


Every fullback gets rinsed from time to time, Premier League wingers aren’t shit. Nacho is wiley, knows how to defend and attack. Makes good decisions in possession. Gets forward at the right times. Has even added goals to his games.

I wouldnt be against a new left back, but Monreal can still do a job.


Neither of our left backs are good enough. I’m not one to label opinions as being facts, but that’s about as facty as an opinion can get.

So if you agree and think that we need a better left back, one of them needs to go. So I’m not overwhelmed by the notion of extending him, because it seems unlikely that were getting rid of Kola (though who knows?), so at this specific moment I feel like this makes a new, younger, better left back seem like something that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

But on a personal level I am fond of Nacho, so I wouldn’t be mad to see him stay longer. But it does seem pretty clear that his best days are well behind him now, so this feels like a pretty natural time to be preparing for his exit, not giving him a new deal.


People who slates Nacho need to fight me first. He is Mr. Reliable and Bellenderin can only dream of reaching his solid level.

He deserves way more respect than he is given and everyone who have a problem with Nacho can suck my stinky balls.


Lord Bendtner would never claim this


Why do you need to bring Bellerin into it? Very weird


Hector > Nacho and I’m a 90kg heavyweight with 3% body fat.

Where do we meet?


Copenhagen i guess. What bout next week?


sounds good, booking flights the now.

Should broadcast this on OATV imo


Great ! Will get you a beer after i have beaten u up #JusticeForNacho


thats fine, as long as I can slander Monreal after I layeth the smacketh down on your candy ass :arteta:


@Gladiator and I can take bets for this event as the resident gamblers.

This’ll put Logan Paul vs KSI in the shade.


how is the odds looking at this moment in time sir?


He also score quite a good amount of goals. Outside our attack there aren’t many players who can score in our team (only Ramsey).


Which leaves us with three left backs. Why not keep the one who is already under contract and let the older, probably more expensive player walk, who is out of contract anyway, and sign somebody who can improve the position and first eleven?


Pretty much forgot about kola tbh. :santi:


I personally think centre back, left back and winger are the positions with priority that should be strengthen in the summer.


Should be back this month, right?