Nacho Monreal (18)


People who arent Arsenal fans I’d say. Never thought he’s had the level of recognition he really deserves in the wider footballing world. Not that I really care


No. Jack Wilshere is the future captain of arsenal football club for me


Indeed. :slight_smile:


Who needs Auba when Nacho can’t stop scoring :joy:


Auba, Lacazette and Monreal. Best attack in the league.

He’d only scored 1 league goal before this season :laughing:


He might score more goals than Lacazette this season :eyes:


Just fucking plays his game, consistently. If we had 11 players who all played to their ability the way he does in (almost) every game we’d be some team.




#Nachoforstriker #ournewnumber9.


Surely he must have scored more goals than Gibbs, Santos and Clichy combined now, eh?

Edit: I’m wrong. Monreal has 8 goals in all competitions. Gibbs, Santos and Clichy have 11 combined.


If he continues in this way he is gonna beat them for sure :smile:


I wounder why our left backs score more than our right backs :thinking:


Wenger has always set his team with one fullback more aggressive than other, partly because we have had more good left backs than right backs and when we did have a good right back in Sagna, he had to cover for Theo I suppose.


Santos is exactly what I’ll call remotely good :joy:But I get what you are suing


Fucking great! :confounded:


It sounds like season over to me.


We have Kola but yeah Nacho man has been a bright spot. Not good timing.


Great who will score now


We need go back to the 3 central defenders with AMN at LWB and Holding in that third CB spot on the left. Kola can’t play as a LB.