Nabil Fekir


Ergh, we really should be going all out for Fekir…


We dont need him and he is another wheel chair customer.


Imagine those front 4 players if Liverpool pull it off, defiantly be the best in the premiership. Signed that bloke from Leipzig also, Liverpool really are building a quality squad.


ffs Liverpool on one this summer


I wonder if this is a van Persie-like Arsenal summer. When we signed players before his left (and people actually thought Giroud was his subsitute LOL).


Apart from VVD, they seem to be getting their targets for reasonable prices,top work.


I don’t think Klopp would force Salah out the way Wenger forced van Persie out.


Fekir would be a great signing for a club that already has a great attacking line up and 60m is a real statement of intent, especially after splashing out 75m for VDV.

But if you look at recent seasons that have sold Suarez 65m, Sterling 35m, Benteke 30m, Sakho 27m Courtinho 142m, and several other players that went for under 20m, and most of those were before the over inflated prices came in, so that lot is over 300m.

In recent seasons they have bought Klopp in and then bought, Salah, VDV, Chamberlain, Mane, Firmino, Wijnaldum, Lallana, Markovic, Lovren who were between 20-35m, as well as a few others, for around 240m.

Whoever is doing their recruiting, scouting and transfer business is doing a great job.
They will probably get Fakir for 50m and sell Can, and a few others, to pay for it while we’re scrabbling around the Bundesliga for a few cheap defenders.


Coutinho’s replacement, then.


Good job his first name isn’t Schmeli
He would be a Schmeli Fekir … :joy:

I’ll get my coat


Probably need to move this now :disappointed:


Same money as we signed Lacazette for :dizzy_face:. Wish we could do the trade :rage:.


Liverpool supporting mate thinks he’s a replacement for Mane who is linked with Madrid?


We’ll still finish above Liverpool next season.


Still? They’ve finished above us in consecutive seasons and in 3 of the last 5 seasons I’m not quite sure that’s a given lol


Liverpool scraped 4th 2 seasons in a row.

For all their seemingly imperious football, their wheels come off by late April. If we can just unWenger our seasons (which IS a given) then I see no reason why we can’t finish above the likes of Spurs and Liverpool.

That’s why I say, assuredly, we’ll finish above them.


Liverpool are finishing 2nd so we’re gonna have to win it to finish above them


While focusing on the CL and putting out the best side in England over 2 legs and Roma and pushing Real pretty hard.

Dellusional to think we’re on the same level as Liverpool right now


Didn’t Spurs not finish 4th? Liverpool were secure in 3rd.


They weren’t in the Champions League 2 seasons ago. What was their excuse then?

If we approach the lesser games with a view to actually wanting to win them, we’ll have no problem finishing 3rd or even 2nd to Manchester City.

Liverpool themselves only recorded one win against the other teams in the top 4, incidentally.