(N)Everrrrr Banega


Wages aren’t an issue with the extra Adidas money anyway.


How much more and what if he isn’t as good? Who can we actually get and how does it affect our other signings? I mean if we could pull off Thiago or Isco then great, but realistically is that going to happen? Probably not.

18m really is fuck all in this market and to get someone of real quality it’s a no brainer. Isn’t everyone happy we signed a 29yo Arteta, who’s legs were more diminished due to a serious injury (I think ACL or Achilles) than Banega’s are now as Banega is much quicker.

Also let us not forget Zidane moved for a world record aged 29 and I don’t think many Real fans regret that one.


Banega is 31 in May I think it is, but yeah as you say we are aren’t likely to sign anyone better so I’m probably wasting my time having those thoughts.


I would imagine his wages will be half of the contract we pulled from Ramsey, so if we could afford that, we can afford this. He’s isn’t going to have European clubs queuing up to offer him big money.



£7m a year for Banega :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Good to see old habits dying hard.


Two years from now they’ll still be talking about us signing Banega.


£135k a week isn’t a massive amount in todays market.


Ramsey off the wage bill and replacing him instantly with Banega.

The age part concerns me but if the fee is reasonable then judge the fucker on the pitch.


I wouldn’t mind him if we can get him for cheap. Clearly not a long term solution but he’s got alright technique and a good pass in him. I always said his type is the one we should go for at this stage, I would’ve loved it if we got a couple of “La Liga” midfielders with decent passing who won’t demand too high wages, perhaps a tad younger but 30yo and a 3yr contract is not horrible?


Is he a free agent?


Absolutely comical decision for a so-called ‘broke’ club, which makes me think it’s true.


Like the player, but we are signing him to late in his career.


7 mil per year to a 30 years old. Fuck off. That’s it.


Really hope we don’t sign him. We need to think long term ffs. We don’t have the money to throw away on expensive short term solutions


Especially 3-4 years from now… the age and length of contract seems insane though… hopefully this isn’t true.


I never really cared for the wages but that contract length seems astronomical, will this guy even hack it at that age? Lichtsteiner looks so far off the pace.


So a 3 year contract and possibly 4th on money that’s more than Christian Eriksen gets paid ? For a 31 year old ? Let’s pray this doesn’t happen.


He’s 30


Another one who doesn’t understand birthdays :wink: