(N)Everrrrr Banega


Your right…

What about Lucas Torerririirerrirerra….:cech:

My god wont someone please think of the children…


I think there’s too much noise about AFC interest for it to be just agent posturing


Well… this thrread took a rridiculous turn. :rofl: Cheers for the lols guys.



Actually, he’s just saying what he saw on Twitter, he’s a former footballer, current pundit, and an arsenal fan but he doesn’t know anything at least about this


They must be mates with @Gladiator the special one then. My god, I’m reminded of why it took me months and months to convince myself to sign up to an internet forum. Arguing about facts because one dude asked his butcher on the corner, one claims to be the chosen one that just hasn’t been documented… :facepalm:



Correct me if I’m wrong but you must get this a lot? Everyone disagreeing with you? You certainly get that a lot of it on this forum. Must be hard being the only person on earth being right all the time, and everyone else are idiots who are always wrong. What a sad and lonely place.


Cool starry bra…


There’s not a single soul who I know in real life in Madrid who could possibly disagree with me on this fact, and I’ve already had a laugh with a few today about the special bulgarian who pronounces the spanish r perfectly unlike my co-workers from Romania or Brasil who despite living here for 60 years between them can’t do so…so no, it’s not that lonely at all, lol.

If you guys only knew how ridiculous you would sound if you came with this argument in real life, in Madrid, or any other Spanish city where there are immigrants. Realise that the biggest minority population in Madrid, for example, is Romanians…in short…


I would say ridiculous is this.

How about you back this up with Fact?


A simple video of AC doing the Rs & then the counter reproduction of Rs by Gladiator in a video will sort this out.


But why would it, there are no r’s in his name :henry2:


Well, let’s just say that saying that getting with spanish girls is an issue because Spain is a catholic country (Spain, in the current day, is a far more atheist/non-practicing country than it is Catholic, and religion is far less relevant, especially in the younger generation–unless you were talking about getting with grannys–than in many other countries) is actually an uneducated statement. I won’t stand by my comment about Albacete because it was, rather obviously, an exaggeration for effect and not a statement of fact–like the comment I did stand by ( :slight_smile: ). I don’t have the data on where you can find the most girls per square metre down to fuck in Europe, sorry, in case it wasn’t already obvious…

I would love this. Or I can say to my co-workers from Hungary, Morrocco, Brasil, and Romania who all have a mastery of Spanish and have lived here for decades all of them @Gladiator’s special one claim, and video it, that might be even more demonstrative…and entertaining :joy:


I would pay to see this.


what about a good old fist fight? i will happily bring the video equipment required. :henry2:


Do it AC


Fuck that! That’s something the thick fuck would actually win in


i thought you were an absolute unit :henry2:


Only one letter out there Lord, no i and a large C, and you’re spot on!!!