(N)Everrrrr Banega


I thought you might be a bit less mad after a night to sleep on it


I’m not mad at all, it’s hilarious, and I wish you guys were in my office right now saying this same argument to my fellow translators, almost makes me want to ‘come out’, reveal my (former, really) OA addiction and show them the argument itself :joy:

Would be really amusing to hear my mate Denis from Brasil, for example, be told that despite his 25 years in Spain and career in linguistics some dude from Bulgaria who’s never lived in Spain actually has no problem pronouncing the spanish r, despite Denis still not pronouncing it like a native.


Except I quoted two wikipedia articles, one about the rr and one about the r. And there is no linguistic term as a spanish r, it’s called an alveolar tap and as already proven to you, it exists in other languages as well.


Read my initial statement that you called uneducated, wanna be smart ass, when did I ever talk about linguistics? I said a fact, you said it was uneducated because you wanted a chance to show off some knowledge that is basic af, and you’re still acting like a smart ass, because you haven’t the self-awareness to realise you’re an ass. End of, lol.




I’m talking about the meat of the argument.



Yeah you are right, Spanish is the most difficult language in the world and no foreigner can speak it, people from all over the world choke on their tongues whenever they’ve attempted. You Brazilian uncle Joe is the living proof of that.


Yeah because that’s what I said :joy: Amazing the lengths you will go to not accept that you were just being a cunt and move on. But then again it’s always been hard for cunts to accept they’re cunts


Banega is a good player. We should sign him imo




Disagree, I feel like pronunciation of his first name might divide the fan base in a way even Wenger never could.


You said Spanish is very difficult to learn because of the pronunciation of r. Which is true only for native speakers of languages that don’t have the alveolar tap. Otherwise it’s quite easy to replicate. Which makes your statement uneducated or ignorant.


You’ve described yourself quite aptly.


Once again, this is patently untrue, and the fact you still don’t realise it is hilarious. Again, you have some real balls to think that I–or for that matter any spaniard, lol–doesn’t know a fuckload of people from those countries listed who have been in Spain for years speaking spanish, or even be sitting with one as we speak, and can’t provide direct counter-evidence to your bullshit.

Putting aside my profession which you had no way of knowing, it’s fucking astonishing…and even more that you keep going. No wonder you were a porn actor, you may be thick as fuck and a cunt but massive balls you must have!


What has Banega to do with spanish R’s ? Stick to the subject bruv.


Is this what you call a cell in a mental institution?


Grown men arguing on the internet about pronunciation. Just try and absorb that for a second.

Anyway, Banega isn’t coming I don’t think. It just seems that now we’re getting our business done quickly and without fuss, Twitter and the gossip tags are desperate to link us to a ‘will he, won’t he’ saga. It’s pretty tiresome.


Abou is going to come out of the closet? Congrats man, I always suspected :slight_smile:

Black and gay? Can I have your number? :slight_smile:


Showed your points @AbouCuellar to my co worker and her husband. She is a native from El Salvador and he is from Madrid and teaches Spanish at high school. They’re having a very good laugh :rofl:


So about this benaga guy?