Mohamed Salah

I agree with you actually, Pellegrini got one legendary season out of him and that was it.

Vieira still the greatest midfielder.

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African footballer of the Year 4 times in a row btw


lol I mean the bit about Kolo was a slight jest but otherwise no - I wouldn’t have Salah in my top 5 African players.

I think your second comment is a bigger joke, I’d have Lauren (Invincible, 2x AFCON winner, 2x PL winner, 3x FA cup winner) ahead of him and that’s not even scratching the surface of best Arsenal players.


Andre Ayew and Vincent Enyeama lol, were those guys actually good outside of FM?


Some actual competition.

Essien underrated as well, was another i’d potentially have ahead.

Come on…

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1 PL and 1 CL Salah is a pussy come at me

I see Alex Song and John Obi Mikel in these lists. Doesn’t tell me much.

He was a great player for half his time at City and he truly had an elite year in 2014 but after that it was all downhill.

I remember seeing MOTD highlighting in sequences when they conceded goals just not bothering anymore.

People killed Pep for how he treated him when he arrived but it was for the better of the side.

The Eto’o And Drogba rivalry was special.

PFA team of the season in two of those years. He had his stint at Barcelona where he was played a little further back. Played as centre-back in the Champions League final and kept a clean sheet against a peak Ronaldo and Rooney.

He could literally play anywhere up and down the spine of a team aside from in goal.

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He was very good player and certainly underrated in his time at Barca but don’t you think he’s a tad overrated nowadays at least?

People talk about his marauding runs and how he was this unstoppable goalscoring midfielder in the PL when that was probably true for like one season.

Sure, he scored goals for City but Lampard did so as well and for years too. I’ve seen Toure being shoehorned into all-time great PL teams involving Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc.

I’ve seen people debate Vieira v Toure too which is actually insane.

Yaya was brilliant at Barca and City. He might be the most complete cm that I’ve seen. I’m a little too young to have seen peak Lothar Matthaus.

I preferred Vieira but I can say that he was definitely better than Yaya.

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Ok, you’re just taking the piss now lol :rofl:

There’s tones of players who haven’t won shit but are 10x the player of those who were in title winning teams.

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Good then we can agree jay jay okocha ahead of salah too :wink:

I would pick prime Salah ahead most of the players you guys mentioned

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What is Salah the best based on? If it’s numbers as a forward, probably only E’too can compete with him and I’d guess Salah wins.


How about ability on the ball?
Salah is an extremely elite footballer


On the ball? Don’t rate him hugely in this regard. Very effective in what he does though.

Yeah on the ball

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His prime is so close to Messi, so close