Mohamed Elneny

I’m happy for him to stay. Will never be a good enough starter, but handy for rotation and pointless group games. Players accepting being a backup are rare and we are lucky to have him.


We definitely don’t need him and haven’t for a long time.

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First clip was the Barcelona game we got bummed in, turned off.

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He was training with the boys the other day but Arteta said he is still far away. Is be actually injured? :sweat_smile:

How is he ever gonna get into our midfield?

He’s not. Only being kept around for morale. It’s clear he gets on with everyone.

Probably doing coaching badges as well

Him and Cedric made the PL and CL squads so…

he’s basically Eboue 2.0

Vibes player.




I know there was a lot made about Jenkinson being a fan and winning trophies with the club but is it possible that Elneny is right up there in terms of a fan living the dream? He’s won cups with Arsenal and played in the CL with Arsenal.

I like him a lot, always smiling, never complaining.


We were all crying when Arsenal asked you to stay too Mo!

Jokes aside, he has been a good professional player for us, and appears to be well liked in the squad and a good player to have around the other players. I wish him well, but do think the end of the line is coming…it would be great to see him get a PL winners medal to top off his career :pray:


Yea very likeable guy. We all have that man or woman at our workplace that we know is not skilled enough to be there, but lifts the mood of the group and is liked by everyone. Moh is that guy.



Tbh what does he have to complain about

He’s getting paid handsomely to not even work part time

He’s been on suedo gardening leave for how long now