Mohamed Elneny (4)


I actually thought Elneny was good today. He shouldn’t be on the pitch in a b2b or creative spot though. Xhaka needs to be dropped and Either Ramsey or Wilshere need to play alongside him in the midfield. He’s probably a better DM than anyone we’ve got. He’s more mobile than Xhaka l, doesn’t get dispossessed as often and doesn’t make bone headed passes.


Not entirely sure what Mo is ‘really good’ at? Just seems like he can do the bare essentials for a midfielder. Think we can do better in a position I’d like us to seriously consider in the summer.


Not one of our worst players, but he can’t do more than that.


Elneny on set pieces is what done me. Did he ever beat the first man?!


To be fair there weren’t many balls that did beat the first man.
For a team that prides itself on their passing ability, we were shocking at balls into Giroud.
But you’re right, if Wenger picks a player to take set pieces, presumably to aim for our striker, you would at least expect that player to have practiced such a skill.


Better than Xhaka. Should start more. He actually has a football brain unlike Xhaka who just fouls and loses the ball


Yes, been saying this for ages. Elneny has absolutely no creativity going forward but he isn’t wasteful with the ball, is quite athletic, and like you said has a mind for the game…if he were groomed to be a DM i think he would excel.


He’s ok but never takes any risks, boring to watch. At least Xhaka can split any team open with his long range passing


He can split our team open too with his lack of awareness and non existent defensive nous


LOL a sad state of affairs when some people are calling for Elneny to start, seriously a nothing player.


Which means he has arsenal DNA :wenger:


Hes a decent honest player, but seriously would Wenger a decade ago ever remotely looked at a player liked this.


I suppose Denilson started many games for us around a decade ago.


Elneny wouldn’t get anywhere near any of our top six rivals’ starting XI, yet he is good enough for ours?!

Fuck me. What have we become?!


Probably the 5/6th best team in England :wenger:


Well to be fair, he isn’t near oour starting XI as well.


I know. And that’s how it should stay. But it’s now being suggested that he should start.

I wouldn’t start him ahead of Xhaka on Wednesday, especially with Ramsey out. I refuse to watch a Coq Elneny pivot again. Just no.


:joy: Scenes from Mo


He could quite as easily apply that to the Arsenal team too tbh


Lol! Good one Mo!