Mohamed Elneny (4)


If we sell Elneny surely we need to replace him?

We need another midfielder as it is without selling one of our decent backups!


@Burgundy isn’t Elneny one of the best analytic midfielders around?

Anyhow if we sell Elneny maybe that opens up a roster spot for that Cazorla replacement we’ve all been waiting for. I’m holding out hope for Seri bt that toe nail issue he has concerns me.


Da fuck is an analytic midfielder. This isnt another one of AC’s hipster player types is it? I’ve barely got my head around the others.


Yeah basically. The hipster stats rate Elneny very highly apparently.


Not hugely bothered unless this means we are seeing a lot more of Le Coq… we already know Xhaka and probably Ramsey will be first choice, which is bad enough…

FFS Wenger get a top CM pronto!


I don’t think Elneny will leave Arsenal. Firstly because he looks very happy, secondly because the news comes from Turkey and not King Fut.


I’m sure if we sell Elneny we’ll bring one in, we’d have to surely. I do like Elneny but I don’t really like how he’s been used as a b2b midfielder, not convinced he has the quality offensively but I like the idea of him as a Xhaka alternative/backup.

Granit Xhaka (34)

Don’t sell him! Useful player for our Euro League cup games.


I agree.
There is no point in selling a player who is more than adequate cover for Xhaka, unless we sell him to make way for a Cazorla replacement, which we desperately need.


I’d sell Coq before Elneny, at least he can score a goal and fucking pass.


But I like Mr Mohamed!! A good squad option that can start against certain types of opposition.Get rid of Le Coq and bring in Kovacic.


Aye Coq goes first easily at this stage.


Cant sell a player who has no interest from other parties though. If the price is right then sell and bring in an upgrade.


You could take him out back and put him down old yeller style.


And waste a perfectly good bullet on something like Coquelin?


You South Americans and your savagery. Starting to think AC was right.


When you’re living in a pack of lawless indigenous indians a bullet is a valuable thing. They’re much more precise than arrows.


apparently we rejected a 10 million bid from Leicester for him the other day


Not a good move to sell him.


I think we actually accepted 10m and he didn’t want to move to Leicester. Might be on his way somewhere else.