Mohamed Elneny (4)


Yeah Ox did well, but I remember too well games against pressing, organized teams that eat players like Ox for breakfast… I hope he does well as I really like him, but I just don’t trust his footballing intelligence or instincts at all in a high-intensity game.


Well I would hope Elneny would outperform Chambo in midfield, considering one of them has been playing that position at the highest level for his entire career. Ox in that MF spot would be a project obviously, however if either of those two were going to emulate what Santi does for us I’d wager Ox would be much more capable after being groomed a bit.


They are both quite underwhelming tbh. But I guess that’s what squad players are.


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Dude don’t be this guy all the time. It’s tragic.


Just scored the first goal of the AFCON final.


Mo bangs one in for the Egyptians!


Straight back in the side once he’s back


Come back soon and make the Arsenal midfield great again :v:


Very happy for him, he was under pressure from the critics and Egypt fans. Good to see him silence those idiots!


Link or it didn’t happen


Save us Mo





Congrats to Elneny thats his 1 goal for the season, good time for it to come personally for him.


Gwan big Mo.

Knowing Wenger he will be rested for 4 weeks before he can play.




Nothing more than a squad player and we could certainly do better but a really likeable guy and super pleased for him and that goal. Go on Mo!


No hearts though eh? Yeah true, he didn’t deserve the hearts considering he didn’t just score a goal against Arsenal.


Always on the losing side :poldi:. Great goal though.


Well, he didn’t deserve the hearts because he’s achieved with Arsenal about 1/1000th of what Cesc did.

But yeah, I can see how you would come to the conclusion you did instead of the right one, given the way you reason.