Mohamed Elneny (4)


I think it’s clear the club want to offload a lot of players still on our books and I’d happily sell Elneny.

The lighter we become in midfield the more likely the club are to bring a new player in at some point.


We would be counted in the midfield, then. Let’s keep until january at least.


Nah might as well sell, especially if on a good fee.

If we can make a profit on him, would be great


And go into the season with Guendouzi, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles, Ramsey and Torreira for three positions?


The options for Torreira’s central pairing are either Ramsey, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles or Elneny at the minute and Elneny’s probably the only one there that has experience, defensive nous and discipline.

If experience means fuck all then by all means rely on Guendouzi and Maitland-Niles. And if we’re happy to let Ramsey freely roam forward then play him.

But at the minute I don’t believe we’re ready to give up either of those things over the course of the season. He should be a regular in the team or subs bench for some time while Emery assesses his midfield.


Well two positions, and that’s 4 guys so it shouldn’t be too bad.


If the first game is anything to go by we will not use Ozil as our number 10 but Aaron Ramsey. Hence three positions.


Yeah so it’ll be Ramsey and Ozil for the 10

And Guendouzi, Torreira, Xhaka and AMN for the other 2


It will leave us light in midfield but the squad needs an overhaul.

There are a lot of players that need to be sold, and if the opportunity arises in the first season to sell, we should be selling.

The first season is where you get the most leeway for shit performances. You might as well sell the deadwood, rely on youth and suffer the shit performances whilst you’re still riding a crest of fan goodwill.

If we’re still playing shit with Elneny in September 2019 because we didn’t maximise an opportunity to sell, the mood will turn sour pretty quickly.

The defensive spine of our team is probably on the chopping block. Ospina, both our LBs, Jenkinson, Mustafi, Chambers, Koscielny (due to injuries), Bellerin possibly, Elneny, Campbell and Welbeck. And after this season, I’m sure there will be more players from the current squad who Emery will not consider as part of his plans.

The sooner we start getting rid, the sooner we can properly rebuild.


Fair enough. I think it’s a bit of gamble to have two younger players as back ups like with Holding and Mavropanos. But maybe Emery can prepare the squad in such a way that injuries are limited.


Absolutely do not sell now.


Which of course means the club will let him go.


Looks like we want him gone

wtf did we give him the #4 then sell him 3months later haha


WTF is going on here???


Stupid as fack. Elneny is the sort of player you want in your squad. Good hardworking player, more stamina than a kenyan marathon runner, never EVER complains about lack of games, always smiling and positive.


Elneny is a useful squad player but I’d rather see Guendouzi or AMN get CM minutes behind Torreira/Xhaka (which I think will be the most common starting pivot).

Giving the young guys time and seeing what we have in them should be a major objective of this season.


Sad statement of how stuck with are with useless Welbeck,


There’s plenty of football to be played, especially in the first half of the season. It makes no sense to bin quality depth who can service the team better than Guen and AMN.

We need to isolate our starters from the EL group stage so we can maintain a freshness for the league

His wages at 55k is not a burden to this club at all. It’s great value


Elneny should be kept. We have no depth beyond couple of kids.


Think anyone would notice??