Mohamed Elneny (4)


Yeah that’s a big miss for the semi final, hurts our chances more than a little. AMN it is


Hope he’s fine for the World Cup :cry:


Just bloody typical


It would be particularly unfortunate given that tweet he did lol


Imagine he doesnt make it and sanchez sends him a tweet goading him, next match they meet its handbags at non ultimately ending with sanchez leaving on a stretcher lol.


Gutted for him. Big for us. Only real engine in the team apart from maybe Ramsey.


Apparently it’s just a rolled ankle, should be fine


Almost rather it be broken than ligaments.


Not good for us, but at least he’ll make the World Cup


Gutted for mo. Win Europa for him!


Big Mo has the #4! :sunglasses:


New CB signing sorted.


Cesc’s shirt, thought that would be given to Someone like Ramsey…do the shirt proud Mo, do it proud!


I still think of it as Vieira’s number.

I’m a bit high and just typed “@Vieira” as if I wanted him to see my comment


The “new Fabregas”.


Can we have a new Elneny emoji @Bl1nk :grinning:




From The Times


Elneny must stay as backup.


Surely we won’t sell him and weaken our squad lol. Sell him in January so we can actually replace him