Mohamed Elneny (4)


King of Egypt


He was part of a midfield that got destroyed or am I missing something ?


He was part of it and was by far our best defensive player. We simply don’t have a better holding midfield option at this club right now and you can blame our manager for that.


Yep, has to stay in the side.


It’s a shambolic state of affairs.


Seriously, your bias against some players is annoying. Didn’t remember any single mistake from him.


He wasn’t bad but he wasn’t good either, I can’t think of one Arsenal player that outplayed their spurs counterparts.


Read what you write above. It sounds like Elneny was shit.


One word, average…


Solid defensively… seemed like the only player that had any passion… and Jack.


27 off with 33 to play for now, Mo must really be a fan of the late season title charge


When we beat City in the Final and then in the league 6 days later they will be mentally broken, I can easily see them only taking 5 points from their last 11 games.


Do you really think he meant to fight for the title? He doesn’t struck me as stupid.


It was a direct quote of what he said, so I’d assume that’s what he meant.


Don’t think he was serious, tbh.


looooool :rofl::rofl::rofl:


“Your tears are so precious for all of us”

Fuck right off Elneny

Also why is the kid crying ffs - bet is wasn’t even because of the football. Probs dropped his hot dog or some shit

Fuck TV directors for showing that shit


How much can you fight on the bench? :joy:

@sevchenko Allow him, it’s not like English is his first language haha.


Great PR, tbh.


I can believe that from Elneny but no one else really