Mikel Arteta


Lolllllll! Way over the top :arteta:


Yes, Ivan Gazidis dilly-dallying has convinced City to make Arteta their manager. I believe it wholeheartedly.


I can’t believe a few weeks ago that Arteta was just one of four of Guardiola’s coaches at Man City, and now it’s as if he has been transformed into the hottest managerial property in Europe.

I don’t know who his PR agent is, but I suggest Jeremy Corbyn might want to get on the phone and hire him for his next election campaign.


Well said.

Appointing Lego Hair would have been embarrassing. City, United and all the rest would have been in stiches at us. No experience and he’s not even an Arsenal legend anyway.





Is he fuck…

He was a good player and I liked him but not in the same league as Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira, Adams, and all those who truly are Legends.

Here are some real Arsenal legends:


Have a read. You might learn something about our club…


This link says nothing about Atletico Madrid.


Saying Arteta was a club legend . It’s hilarious.
Average player made to look good by the rest of the team .
Club legend, that insults all the greats before him.


When I think of Arteta all I remember was a player who epitomised what was wrong with our club.

He was a panic buy replacement for Cesc who was a true world class player and captain, who was fed up here.
Arteta was light weight, often injured and often ineffective against top sides that were physically stronger.

There’s no doubt he was a decent player but was a definite down grade on what we had.

As for being a legend?
if he was, then it just shows how poor that team was.

Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Adams, Wright, Vieira etc were legends.
Compared to what they achieved, Arteta isn’t fit to lace the boots of the person who laced their boots.


And if Arteta is a club legend is Podolski? Walcott? Mertesacker? Nasri? Hleb? Nasri was a better player and had that season where he could of player of the year. Podolski and Walcott got lots of goals and assists.

What about Song? He was a solid reliable DM for a good few seasons too and had that super assist season.

When you start calling Arteta a club legend you will struggle to justify him above his Arsenal peers.


Anyone saw the City documentary? They really are a very, very well run club. Always thought Wenger’s heir should be Pep, wished they panicked when he didn’t deliver in the first season so we could grab him.
Anyway, on Artera: He really seems to be Pep’s secret tool. Has a great mind about the game and seems to know very well how the PL works and any weird characteristics of the teams. Only issue I had is that he is litterally Pep’s secret weapon. He didn’t seem very vocal and a common theme was them not listening to what he was saying. Two occasions at least, Sterling not finishing a chance like Mikel told him and causing them to draw and in the FA Cup when he said “No fouls”, Delph reiterating what Mikel said as he is more of a commander and then the idiot himself getting a red card for a stupid challenge.
Think him staying for another season with Pep is good. Needs a solid run as a coach afterwards to become more ruthless and get more respected as the guy who calls the shots.