Mikel Arteta


That’s a pretty detailed fantasy you’ve got there. :joy:


Haha all these ITKs are inventing stories about how we fucked Arteta over to save their credibility.

I’ll tell you what happened and I’ll do it an ITK style too:

Arsenal interviewed several candidates. Emery and Arteta being two of those candidates. Following extensive discussions, the club decided that whilst Arteta may well be a good manager in the future he doesn’t have the requisite experience to take on the Arsenal role. They were impressed by what Emery brought to the table and opted for him. They contacted him, he flew to London and is probably tying up the loose ends to a contract now.

Arteta was in the running. But all this bullshit about how the club changed their mind at the 11th hour is just ITKs trying to save face. They didn’t have a clue who we were really interested in and this was a thorough recruitment process involving some experienced football figures. Not some amateur hack job where Gazidis got cold feet at the last second because he was worried about the backlash from fans and the lack of experience.


But why was he in the running?

If they wanted an experienced manager like Emery, then why interview Arteta?


Perhaps they had an open mind and experience wasn’t the be all and end all


Plan b,c or whatever.


They wanted Arteta. Like Arseblog said, Gazidis was championing Arteta – but then got cold feet knowing he wouldn’t be able to use him as a shield, whereas sensible safe Emery makes for a good looking shield.


Don’t quite buy the saving face thing. Gazidis job isn’t under threat right now, he could’ve had a year experiment with Arteta and got away with it and then blamed a lack of quality candidates. Emery right now is neither bold nor safe in the public eyes.

Maybe talking to Emery simply opened up their minds in ways they hadn’t considered before. For all we know he went in there and gave a full breakdown of every mistake he made in his time at PSG.

We have no idea what’s gone on.


I care more about trophies, tbh.


I’d rather see us have an 80 point season than say 65 points with a League Cup. But each to thier own I suppose.


People remember you for the trophies, not for the rest.


I also remember we haven’t challenged for a league title in a decade, so to be honest that would be the biggest achievement a new Arsenal manager could give me.


So youd be glad Arteta never got the job then.


Hahaha, you reckon! He wins the Europa league it will be like ‘Arteta would have won us the treble’ To which it would be said how can you even know that but somehow they will just know he would have done it and with a lot more style and verve and would have made Emery’s achievement looks flimsy and crap.


If Arteta is that great then all the other top clubs will be fighting each other to get to him, and we can all get jealous when we see him lifting the PL trophy with Everton, Man U, spurs, or whoever else that will need him.

I know Emery wouldn’t be a lot of peoples first choice, but at least he has stepped foot in a manager’s office before.
I know Arteta has been in a manager’s office, but asking how many biscuits Guardiola would like with his tea doesn’t really count. :grinning:

If he does turn out to be the next big thing, then I’m sure he wouldn’t be stubborn enough to turn us down when he’s done his apprenticeship elsewhere


The grass is always green on the other side.


I never said he was the answer, I suppose I’m just underwhelmed by our lack of pulling power. If we went a young type manager I at least thought Jardim would be attainable.



Whoever is responsible for these plastic cunts stealing our entire legacy needs to be relieved of their duties asap.

Fucking cunts.


Dont worry mate. In 3 years when Emery has lifted 2 prems and 1 CL he will pass the keys to Arteta. Its written.


Thanks buddy. I needed that :hugs:


I miss Wenger.