Mikel Arteta


Crying over Arteta like he was Guardiola. Smh…drama hipsters queens :facepalm:




From Twitter especially, the Emery appointment has gone down a lot worse than Arteta’s potential move here. People are proper angry!

So if fan reaction is something they care about – which I very much doubt – then expect another U-turn.


Emery to win the Europa League so everyone will shut the fuck up. Fucking Arteta tools.


Let’s see who is going to hire Arteta now. Obviously we missed on a gem so the vultures will soon be upon this fresh piece of meat, surely.


He’d shut people up a lot more with an 80+ point season to be honest.


I am curious to see what he is going to do now.

If I was Arteta, I would be heartbroken but will also see all this as free publicity & take up the Southampton job.
I am sure he is grounded & professional enough to see Arsenal is too big a job for him & he can try again later by proving himself at some club first.


Yeah, that seems like the right order of things.


Vieira’s going to Nice, Arteta should be looking at a project at that level for his first appointment


Arteta is such a novice that he thought having a job interview meant he’d been offered the job.


Thank fuck Gazidis came to his senses, even if it was last minute. He had tbe balls to close the door on Arteta and get an actual manager in. Well done Ivan!


Woke up, and I’m still gutted that the board chose Emery over this guy. I just don’t get their line of thinking when having those two as their final candidates when they are completely different.


Hmmm, personally I think backtracking on Arteta shows a lack of balls rather than having balls.

Arteta would have been a risk and he didn’t have the balls to follow through with it. That would have been the bold option, he has instead gone with the safe option.

Not sure i’ve written balls so many times before in just a couple of sentences :smile:


Is am suspecting he still uses Power Point. No one told him how outdated it was :pensive:


Why is the assumption that Gazidis and co backtracked? Perhaps they had a shortlist and Arteta was simply the noisest voice on the shortlist.


I agree.
This typifies the board’s arrogance.
They thought the supporters would go along with the decision to get Artera, just as they thought they could get away with keeping Wenger for so long.

It was only when empty seats started to become more obvious at the Emirates that the board realised they couldn’t get away with it anymore.

Since Kroenke took over we have stagnated, and the fact we tried to get Arteta and only went for Emery proves how little ambition we have but more worrying how little planning goes into anything we do.

Transfer windows are a shambles, with panic buys and doing the bare minimum, and it’s been the same choosing Wenger’s replacement.

The biggest problem with our club is Kroenke.
He is ruining this club and something needs to be done about it.


There is one little caveat to this whole debacle. Watching @AbouCuellar and his total meltdown has made me feel better about Emery. On behalf of OA Esteban I think I speak for all of us when I say hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha


That video nicely explains how I felt whenever I read a post of yours in the Klopp/Wenger thread :slight_smile:


The only solution to ACs salty tears here is for him to visit a gay club and find a beardy baldy to speak catalan to him as AC rims him off. It’s basically the same as AC posting about football anyway.