Mikel Arteta


Watch him be an amazing manager and not come here again.

I will have pitchforks out ASAP. Skewering baldies


Gazidis deserves a lot of credit if we secure Emery…Gazidis is responsible for Arsenal securing Sven Mislintat and Raul Sanllehi. He didn’t want Arsene to get another contract…he has been the driving force within the club for change and now we have secured a good young manager.


Really doubt he’s silly enough to come to this stupid club after this shit, even if he’s offered the job after the inevitable two years of Emery failure. Mesut Özil idiot savant footballing talent he is not.

:joy: :joy: :joy:


Who was your first choice out of interest?


Arteta, Naggelsman, Setién, Buvac of the gettable names, Tuchel and Pochettino of the ungettable.


Tuchel was never an option as he fell out with Sven and was sacked by BVB. Although they have worked on their relationship since, I don’t think he was ever an option.

I would have been happy with Nagglesman. Arteta was too much of a risk for me…


The last time we really had a chance to contest for the title was 2008. After Keith Eldeman left and Gazidis took over we haven’t challenged. You really want to give this asshole some credits? I be happy with a new Chief Executive/Managing Director as much as a new manager. He’s been here for 9 years dude. Part of the failure.


Nagelsmann wasn’t gettable. If that was the case he would be at Bayern or Dortmund. He was always Hoffenheim bound.


The more I read about Arteta the more I was convinced he would have been an exciting prospect. If we were instead getting someone like Tuchel I would totally get it and respect the decision, yet I just can’t see how Emery fits what Gazidis supposedly hinted at.


Yeah, I agree, I put him there because in theory he’s gettable because he’s at a lesser club in stature, but yeah, I know he wasn’t actually gettable.


Like the jokes flying around if Emery fails and get the sack. Wenger will be like Hiddink for Chelsea waiting to fill the void. :wink:




Mikel :sweat::cry: :santi: pls don’t hate us, and come back later…


If true it highlights an absolute amateur approach and plan from the club, so you only realise he’s not experienced at the 11th hour?

Not necessarily believing it but it’s something that wouldn’t surprise me if it it was the truth.

Lovely that they would take the fans views into account too, shame they didn’t give a toss when Wenger was still here.


Two words: no balls.

Gazidis has defined his Arsenal legacy as a complete and utter failure.


As in failing to give the job to a complete fucking novice…


If this is true and he turns out to be a great manager he won’t come here. It’s a shame they didn’t care about a fans backlash for the last 10 years


I think Ian Wright is a twit but he’s right here.

Makes the club look like shambles. They must have known arteta was not gonna go down well with everyone, why did they wait so long before making the decision to not go with him

This appointment would be met with more encouragement if they hadn’t seemed to have bottled it.


The whole process seemed like a shambles and that fact they had to keep saying it was ‘thorough’ only reiterated that.

Raging at the ineptitude of these wankers.


If it’s true it’s not a good look for the club, I was far from sold on Arteta but he deserves better than that.

A haphazard approach to finding a successor is something I can believe, because as bad as it was under Wenger in the latter years the malaise and ineptitude didn’t stop with him, it went all the way up to board level Gazidis included.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see him flounder now that he’ll get his way more often than not, he is far from a sure thing.


According to Balague we interviewed 10 candidates. I’d love to know who they were as I can’t think of anywhere near that many managers who would be available and have an actual shot at getting it