Mikel Arteta


Not many managers get the final say on transfers anymore for many reasons. Hope all the people telling us HOW we were all suppose to get behind Mikel will be now embracing Mr. Emery.


Wenger building a Wenger team of Wenger players and never wanting to shake it up too much is why we’ve stagnated.

The amount of dead wood we’ve shipped off in the past year (including Wenger) is the most positive thing this club has done in years.


Fuck off to everyone who tagged me! Thanks god we didn’t get Arteta in the end.


Seems strange to me how people didnt want Joachim Low because he had no club experience. Same people in some instances then advocate a bloke with no credentials at all.


Gazidis must have been looking at OA and seen all the criticism Arteta was getting and thought Emery will keep them all happy.


Until Kroenk leaves, this is what is going to happen.


Make no mistake. This is all Gazidis bottling. He wants another somebody to shield the blame, didn’t want to put it all out on the line with Mikel.

Felt exposed with no Wenger. After all that talk about ‘bold appointment’.

I wanted to believe in him, but all trust has been shattered. Didn’t have the balls to stand by his convictions




Yeah it’s defiantly not a bold appointment, he’s not the worst manager in the world but our Ceiling is very limited under Emery.


Back to the English Football section with ya Mickey.


Fucking people acting like Emery is gonna be here for 22 years :laughing:

He’ll be off in two tears probably, even if he does well. It’s going to be very different now we’re hiring and firing like every other their club, but we’ll get used to it.


So he failed the interview then.






This is crazy if true.


If true, poorly handled it seems. FFS Gazidis, this was one job you absolutely could not fuck up…


Poor guy was probably house hunting. I feel so bad for him. Watch him manage in ligue 1 or something and turn out to be another Tuchel or Nagelsmann.


Arteta will have to make do with an Arsenal save on FM19 like the rest of us. :sunglasses:


Not an ounce of substance in it.


Sounds like classic Arsenal moron fucks running the club as usual.