Mikel Arteta


How do you know this for a fact? Because Sky reported it?


Honestly amazing how skilled Arsenal is at sucking all the joy out of football, it’s got more technique in this facet than Santi Cazorla and more creativity than Mesut Özil. FUCK THIS SHIT


Arteta must be devestated he had the job until the 11th hour then lost it lol


I guess we will probably never know but I’d love to know why the club changed their mind at the last minute


Nah. Various sources in the past 24 hours or so reported Arteta wanted the final call on transfers.

Either way, he was very close and it would be been far more exciting to see Arteta.

Appointed a manager, which has caused more divisions ffs.




Of course we went for safe.


After his press conference when Wenger left the last thing I thought we would be doing was the safe option tbh.

Can’t believe they are going for Emery as it feels rather rushed and very underwhelming on first thought.


Arteta’s name was only on the list because they know who he is.

Plenty of clubs out there looking for managers right now and as far as we know none of them are looking at Arteta.


@AbouCuellar I seem to remember you singing Emery’s praises about 2 years ago ?


Yes, and I was dead wrong. I also sang Giroud’s praises at the beginning of 13-14.


And you were dead right on that one :grinning:






For not hiring someone with 0 managerial experience?


If that’s true as to why Arteta isn’t the man it’s deeply concerning.


If that’s true that’s a fucking joke. Not hiring someone because he doesn’t want to be a puppet? Because he wants to actually like the people he is working with and managing?


@AbouCuellar went full @Luca_from_Italy. Never go full @Luca_from_Italy


If @Luca_from_Italy did a full @Luca_from_Italy every time we hired Unai Emery he’d be totally in the right, and doing a full @Luca_from_Italy would be synonimous with doing the right thing.


Sven, Sanllehi and Gazidis clearly want to implement a new type of management. Where recruitment and the day to day running of the club are directed from the top.

It seems like a bad way to run us and will likely lead to continued stagnation