Mikel Arteta


You’ll get used to Abou soon enough :grin:

Welcome to the forum my bendy yellow friend


Talking a lot of shit lately, my snowflakey, pedantic friend.



Well that’s a good title for a book on my sex life


Just trying to emulate your good self :slightly_smiling_face:



This lol


Errrh! What…‘pedantic’?? There you go again tossing words around like you read them in some ancient dictionary…try ‘narrow minded observer’…works better


lol, for the record, at least on my end (and I’m pretty sure on Jakey’s) the ‘shit-talking’ is really about as unserious as it gets.

And yeah, you’re right @dodgeabanana , how dare I use such an atavistic, esoteric word as pedantic, as if I’m lucubrating here belletristically or something!



Have we just witnessed the return of OA legend Londres Topo?


Absolutely :+1:


Both have never managed in their life. Great.


Muchabou about nothing. …perhaps you’d care to elaborate on that cos I haven’t a bloody clue what you’re on about. Do you suffer with gas, by the way?


It’s like 2012 all over again before AC dumbed himself down for the British audience :giroud2:


Sky going with the headline ‘Mikel Arteta withdraws from process to become Arsenal manager’

We got snubbed by a fucking noob.



Arteta was first choice?!




Unbelievable!! seems Arteta was 99% confirmed and something changed


Skysports say Arteta withdrew from the process. That tells you what a smart man he is. He knows he is destined for big things; smart enough not to take such a big responsibility as first impressions count.

Neither is he a yes man - he wanted authority over transfers. Good on him.


Know absolutely fuck all. This isn’t 2007 anymore