Mikel Arteta






Hyped :xhaka:


He never bosses you in a bad way. Ah, the embodiment of those Wenger values :giroud2:


The only way that will happen is if he is still with City.

All jokes aside, I think the appointment of Arteta is just the club/board hiding behind the fact that they don’t want to offer a transfer budget a reputed, proven manager would want, so they are spinning it like they want a young manager. In other words, give a young guy his first big break and he will be so glad that he wouldn’t really crib too much about the transfer budget. Plus Mislintat will probably convince Arteta that he can make 50 million go a long way with his bargain deals. Besides, Arteta will find it a lot easier to impose his ideas on young players than players that were his team mates until a couple of seasons ago.


I always knew we were never going to get a manager who is successful but needs to spend in order to achieve results.
But I thought it would be someone like Simeone, who is successful on a limited budget, with loads of experience, who could organise our defensive players.

Not only will Arteta be cheap because his wages will be a lot less than Wenger’s, but the board won’t let him have the power Wenger had.


Now that Gallas is unsure, surely you guys must be more convinced? :arteta:

Aah, where this glorious love story began :heart:



The reviews of him at City are very positive so on the football side it looks good. The mental side is what’ll test Arteta most. But he has a great hairline so I assume he’s immune to stress :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the problem. Don’t know if he is ruthless enough.


We will have to wait and see if he is.


I’m not even sure he knows if he’s fit to be a manager.


I think he believes he’s ready otherwise I doubt he’d accept the opportunity, above all else he’s an intelligent guy.

Whether he truly is ready is another matter entirely though.


Truth is no one, including himself, will know till he’s actually here and managing. Massive gamble for the club and a stupid decision in my opinion.


Managers aren’t like players, a player can look great in youth teams and not have it translate to senior level, but a manager you can get a very good feel for in interviews, IMO. The people who know best if Arteta is worth the gamble–and no one’s saying it isn’t, because yes, there’s obviously risk wherever there isn’t track record, but then there’s risks with every manager we could potentially appoint (the question is if the potential benefits outweigh the risks)–will be the people who are interviewing him. If they decide he is the one to go with than there he has likely shown a lot to convince that he is ready.

Another matter is if you have no trust in Gazidis and the like, and think they are incompetent. I personally do not.


So a team who have a legacy of winning leagues, cups, being invincible and being Champions League stalwarts are going to hire a bloke as manager with:

  • No first team managerial experience.
  • No number two managerial experience.
  • No reserves managerial experience.
  • No youth coach managerial experience.

BUT, apparently that’s okay because he was an unremarkable captain at our club, he has good hair and he has stood next to Guardiola holding an Ipad for a while? Oh, and some other lads said nice things about him.

This club is going to cause me to have a complete and utter breakdown.


Has Arteta not got any managerial experience?

Why didn’t someone point that out earlier?!


Just bringing you all the bleeding edge breaking info. I’m thinking of launching my own ITK account :hipster:

On a serious note though, I don’t want to sound like an AFTV extra but the lunacy of all of this, the acceptance and resignation of the fanbase, the mental gymnastics at work to put a positive vibe on any of the whispers and rumours is soul destroying. I can’t think of any single appointment in this vein and in the modern game that has EVER worked out well.


Bit over the top there lol

Return of the :crown:


Somebody explain revisionism to me. What the f is that if not some high handed way of saying I prefer the former to the later…? No can’t be, they don’t talk that way in Finsbury Park… I go along watch the match and go home to fish and chips, win or lose. But I never ‘revise’ the result…that’s history…like Wenger