Mikel Arteta


I just can’t believe that the club that held on to Wenger for 2/3/4 years longer than they needed to because they didn’t know what to do without him, and the club that hasn’t managed to scout and acquire a legit young talent in years, with a CEO that’s never hired a manager in his life, has managed to find the greatest young talent in football management before anyone else has seen him and has found the genius solution to our management problems.


Fair enough.

Alternatively though, you could believe in the man that helped Barcelona beat everyone else in the footballing world to Neymar and helped create their best ever squads, along with a man that helped Borussia Dortmund recover from administration to back to back bundesliga champions, while discovering world class young talents like Dembele, Gotze etc.




When you say “everyone else in the world” do you just mean Real Madrid? Genuine question, cos I’m not sure who else is gonna rival them for a hot South American talent.

If Sanllehi was vital then fair play, I’m genuinely ignorant on that front. But I don’t feel instinctively inclined to praise any member of their staff for beating other teams to a transfer. They’re Barcelona, regardless of their staff they’re gonna beat every team in world football (bar maybe Madrid) to most players


The fans need to accept it now and get behind him, only idiots would protest against this and try to undermine him. His success is ours now.


To be honest mate I don’t even know either, but I’m making sure this hype train does not stop

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Haha we have fans who undermined Wenger and the team. You even have fans who want us to fail just to get Wenger sacked. They really don’t put the club first. Let’s just hope Arteta pleases them. Well ArsenalFanTV or whatever you call the disgrace will have plenty to say.


Exactly, haven’t been this excited about the new season in over a decade


I certainly wasn’t Wenger’s biggest fan by the end but I never wanted us to fail, fans who did were just wasting their time supporting the club.

That’s my biggest worry, that we lose the first match and idiots go on AFTV and ask for Artetas head.


Love the way the chosen ones tell us how to support our team. Telling people how to respond to Wengers going last week. This week its how to get behind Arteta.
What is it that makes you better than us mere peasants.


Post-Wenger hype train live feed…




Definitely not aboard this hype train. It’s such a huge risk giving the reigns to a coach who has never managed before in his life. What happened to us being a sleeping giant that needed a top class manager to push us to the next level? I somehow highly doubt that Arteta is going to be man.

I’m firmly in belief this is a shocking appointment. It’s clearly the easy option because the board has never hired a manager and wouldn’t know where to start.

It’s going to be much of the same with Arteta. He’s being brought in because he shares the same values as Wenger. This is perfect for the board who want to keep a quiet and conforming manager. Someone who won’t say a bad word in interviews, someone who won’t tell a player they’ve been shit today etc…

I’ll be supporting him no doubt about it. But I’m firmly in the ‘he’s not good enough’ camp.


Here’s the thing, although I agree with some of your sentiments and he wouldn’t be my choice, you can’t say he isn’t good enough. The simple fact is that we don’t know yet. Never having managed means he’s inexperienced, but it also means we don’t know how good he could be. Every manager hasn’t managed yet at some stage.

I’ve read a lot of things about him in the last few days which seem to indicate that he’s an extremely bright young coach and isn’t the “yes man” that people fear, so we just have to wait and see.


It’s more likely we’ve got the next Roberto Martinez on our hands rather than the next Pep Guardiola.

I just can’t shake the feeling we’ve hired our Tim Sherwood tbh


You just don’t understand it mate, it’s okay, I forgive you


It’s a ballsy move from Ivan and Raul, not exactly a name to bring a fractured fan base together (it’s already been treated negatively) like a Vieira or Henry type appointment would. Throw in the rumours of a 50 million transfer budget, sure Sven is known to bring in unknown’s and small time buys but this is Arsenal not Dortmund. With the likes of Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Liverpool even Spurs bringing in top signings this summer. We all know how pissed the fan’s will get if we start bringing in unknowns, youngsters and cheap buys. But Arsenal need to go big this summer and bring in a big name or two.

Whoever it is who becomes Manager will be backed, but I can’t see Arteta getting the time an Allegri, Simoene or Jardim would before the fan’s get on his back if he doesn’t bring a improvement.

Going to be interesting to see how Ivan sells this Arteta appointment to the fan’s. Good luck to Arteta as he’s going to need it.


To be fair I’d have even taken Martinez to replace Wenger, that’s how bad he’d gotten imo


Me reading the pros and cons itt.


Instant access to information and news has made me such an impatient and intolerant prick.

I’m already bored of the managerial rumours and I just want to see some fucking real movement and players being bought. Fucks sake hurry up you cunts, can’t you see I don’t have time for this “rigorous-and-extensive-interview-process-because-it’s-the-biggest-decision-the-club-has-made-in-22-years” BULLSHIT.