Mikel Arteta


OA actually stands for Online Arteta :sunglasses:


Day by day I am further persuaded and convinced that Arteta is a risk worth taking.

Unsure about Henry being the assistant though, given his character and the fact Arteta is his junior; I am not sure how it would work.


Ah look at everyone getting on board the Arteta hype train

We’re going to need to add some more carriages!


It was only a matter of time before people came around to the Basque God, superior, of course, to his former mentor, the inferior, sensibly-skinned Catalan God.


I was on it before it became mainstream :sunglasses:


Yeah, you’re in first class. You don’t have to travel in cattle class with the late coming peasants


God, your sense of humour is appalling


one of us! one of us! one of us!

Nah but legit, see what you’re feeling.

That’s exactly what I was feeling, about a week ago. Embrace it lads.



You’re all getting on a train with a Spaniard who has never driven one before, but who’s mate is a train driver who has occasionally let him sit next to him, and let him blow the whistle.
Welcome to Kroenke Railways, where the motto is, “give us your money.”


Wow could you be any more happy about this?


Even when I agree with him I find myself not wanting to


I am gonna support Arteta because a new manager always needs support, despite not liking him.


If it had to be an ex-player with zero experience couldn’t it have been one of our winners and not one of our losers? Or wouldn’t our winners understand the objectives of top 4 with profit maximisation?

Wouldn’t it work better as Kroenke Airways?




How can you dislike Mr perfect lego hair?! :open_mouth:


Maybe that’s why… he has hair envy… :grin:


Arteta is either going to be Top or Flop. Get ready for some excitement at least.


I meant as manager :hipster:


Yeah change is good… annoyed at the direction atm but when things heat up with transfers and new season excitement, I am sure I’ll be fully aboard the Arteta train.


Definitely a tough job for Arteta, I doubt he get the time from the fan’s that a Allegri or more experienced manager would to build his own side up. Don’t agree with the appointment, this team needs major rebuilding and needs a strong character and Arteta never came off like that for me on the field. Not the right appointment for me but we have give him a chance.

If he fails, he won’t ever get a top job again but if he succeeds he become a legend. For sure Ivan’s head as well as the boards is on the line, if Arteta doesn’t deliver then expect bigger protests and more angry punters. The board will definitely hang Gazdis out to dry.

Here’s hoping we have a good summer transfer window (not the 50 million transfer budget been mentioned) and Arteta and Ivan can sell the fan’s on the idea we can compete.