Mikel Arteta


Just his opinion Luca haha he’s not some ITK!


I meant that he is not known for being a good manager and so knowing football well.


If Arteta in his 1st season gets us top 4 and restores the good football we used to play I’d be happy with that. It’s not the most exciting appointment but we gotta get behind him. There’s only positive reviews of him from City. Very little chance he fails


I’d be very happy with that from any potential manager


I’d be overjoyed with that.


Dreading the day I will come on here and this thread will be moved out of the rumour mill. :santi:




Oh Media.

I should be delighted they didn’t title it as “Wenger doesn’t back Arteta” based on that last sentence.


We need new acronyms no more Wob or AKB.

I’d like to officially start the ASS movement, the Arteta Sacking Squad. Let’s find out who around here is an ASS man :grin::grin:


I’m an Artreblista


Arteta begins with A. But I’m sure you knew that.


The idea of Arteta as manager is growing on me and I have this strange sense of optimism.

I have absolutely no idea why though


Yeah, I’m now resigned to our fate of him being manager.

Hopefully this guy really has soaked up a huge deal from Pep, one of the many issues he’ll face is that he doesn’t have personnel of the same quality to play a similar game.


Yeah same here man, I’m weirdly optimistic about him and think he could surprise a lot of people.

Maybe it’s the acceptance phase of the grieving process.


Yeah that’s my gripe. Reading today I heard Tuchel was massively interested in Arsenal but the club didn’t want to deal behind Wenger’s back so he ended up just taking the PSG job as by the time Wenger had announced it he was already talking to PSG.

Huge shame that is.


If true nearly having Tuchel and ending up with Arteta on the face of it is a crazy dip.

Still though he must have something to be given the nod, I sincerely hope so.



You’ve just accepted your fate.

Don’t worry bro, I’m basically with you


Read it on Ornstein’s article on BBC not long ago


Some rumours on reddit are saying that Xabi Alonso will be a part of Arteta’s staff.

Probably baseless bullshit driven by the fact that they are childhood friends. Would be really cool nonetheless!