Mikel Arteta


Many at the time thought Flamini was less prone to being defensively exposed. Stats back this up in 13/14:

Flamini dribbled past 0.4 times per game
Arteta dribbled past 1.7 times per game

So while Arteta was better overall player, Flamini as a defender in midfield had merit and we were on a winning run when he started and IIRC Arteta was injured in 13/14


I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few days now lmao, it’s completely irrelevant isn’t it.

I’ve even seen people say “he isn’t a club legend”, as if we have to appoint a club legend manager? Was Wenger a club legend? I guess that rules Allegri out as well then lol


Go to Redcafe, then :wink:


I never rated Arteta at Arsenal, there’s no denying that. I liked him at Everton when he had a more attacking position and when he was bought I saw him as a good squad option for us, nothing more. As one could expect, Wenger shoe horned him to into some kind of defensive midfielder. A role he never was suited for and was often exposed. Ppl can bring up all the passing stats they want, but they only prove that he was good at passing short and sideways. A good stat if your only job is to win the ball back and act defensively. Sadly his lack of defensive skills and awkward positioning left us exposed on so many occasions and did cost us.

But does all this really matter? Does all his flaws as a player make him a good manager and suitable candidate?
I’m yet to see a decent and good argument on why he should be our new boss. That he’s a former player for us, Spanish (?!), been a coach under Pep, fancied by Wenger and has lovely hair, are all non convincing arguments in my book. Oh and “I liked him as a player” isn’t all that good either.

So is he some secret magician that will win us silverware just by showing up? Don’t get me wrong, if he is appointed and succeed then I’m very happy. But please, there must be more arguments than these.


He gives a good interview too apparently


He was a great player when he was at Everton and was decent here for a couple of seasons but in his last two seasons here he barely played.
But what his playing ability has to do with whether he should be considered to be our manager is the question?

Would we be having this debate if he had never worn an Arsenal shirt and stayed at Everton?

I doubt it.


I think with Arteta the truth lies somewhere in the middle with regard how good he was for us, he wasn’t as bad as some that are being overly critical are making out and he was not as good as some who are being hyperbolic have made out either.

He definitely was a good influence for our midfield and though it was nothing outstanding in terms of flair he was more than a safe pair of hands in what was a really shitty period, his football brain allowed him to perform well despite his obvious physical limitations at that stage in his career.

Whatever the case may be his performances for us have no bearing on whether he’ll succeed as a manager here, good or great players don’t necessarily make the best managers and average or mediocre players can excel at the managerial level. If he gets the nod I’ll be behind him despite plenty of reservations,I just hope for the sake of the club that it doesn’t end in tears.


Arteta was quite good his first 2/3 seasons here, then his leg gave out and became a huge liability.
He was never near the level of Petit or Gilberto, that just a mix of hyperbole and stupidity.

And while I lked him quite a lot as a player, I don’t think he ready to manage and to be honest I don’t think he will ever be a manager better or equal to Pochettino, Allegri, Tuchel or Nagelsmann.


No, it’s recognising that he played in far inferior teams, that football evolves and changes and generally gets a bit harder, and that people are overly romantic about past, consecrated players.


Are you talking about other people with Petit and Gilberto or yourself and Arteta? Hard to tell


Really can’t say that playing and management have any correlation tbh. Look at how many shit players have turned out to be world class managers and vice versa…I guess we will have to see if arteta does well or is utter turd.


Exactly it has no bearing at all and anyone who says it does has no clue. Like you said history backs this up


Has anyone said the opposite? It’s simply a separate argument that we’re having, that I’ve had many times including when Arteta wasn’t really a topic of conversation here, simply because, sadly, Arteta continues to be one of the most underrated Arsenal players in recent memory.


Yeah I don’t quite see who’s using his playing career as an indictment of what his managerial career will be. It’s quite literally a separate discussion



How does he know really


Sorry Lamps but how the fak do u know


Yeah, I mean if he’s asked the question, he has to say something and he’s hardly going to come out with, “haha that’s a joke, he’ll be shit”


Yeah people never consider this.
Happened with so many question Wenger is asked as well.


How does he know it, fucking rent boy?